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In support of another blogger who was struggling to run two separate blogs each dealing with a different theme and had decided to combine them, I described my own blog as a ‘mish mash where I ramble on about all sorts’ and today’s offering demonstrates exactly that…

Keeping Faith: How I managed to miss the first series of Keeping Faith, I’ve no idea but having seen a trailer for the second series and thinking that it looked like something I’d like (and Husband too) we watched the first series on BBC iplayer over three nights. Wow! Husband liked it; I thought it brilliant.  Beautiful scenery and amazing music throughout.  I especially loved the theme song, Faith’s song. 


And now we’ve watched the second series , I’m an even bigger fan and am hoping for a third series.

An Indian Summer or an early Autumn: Which will it be? I love an Indian Summer as the temperature is just right for me, but I love Autumn too. My friend and were talking about the poor August weather we’ve had and said simultaneously that we were looking forward to autumn. This is because we like the fact that it’s time for boots, jackets, scarves and thick black tights. The only downside is that winter follows on quickly; I do not like winter!Cotswold house

A  spare £15k: Not sure even if I had it that I spend it on this, but isn’t it wonderful. I’d love it in my garden for the grandchildren. The Cotswold’s smallest house is said to offer the perfect retreat for a spot of quiet contemplation for a ‘small adult’ and comes complete with a staircase and bed!


NHS moan: I’ve complained before about the inefficiency of the admin systems. If you’ve been reading for a while you’ll know that four months ago I broke my foot. Without boring you with endless detail, it’s still causing me problems and I’m seeing the Orthopaedic specialist every few weeks and currently awaiting another ultrasound scan t determine whether there is nerve damage. I informed the receptionist that I’d be away for 4 days and she wrote those dates on the referral form. I SAW her write on the form. The appointment arrived today. You guessed…..for a day that I’m away. I rang the X-Ray department and was told that they hadn’t been given the dates that I was away. They’ll write to me with an alternative date. Why? Why go to the expense of having someone prepare a letter, print it and post it?  How much must the NHS spend on sending out appointments in this way?  With electronic diary systems, it should be possible to offer a future appointment there and then. It’s nothing short of crazy.

My birthday: How very blessed I am to have so many people who care enough to remember it. Among my lovely gifts were a voucher for coffee & cake at a local craft centre, make up, perfume, toiletries, jewellery and…





and two gorgeous notebooks…

2019 3




  1. Here in France we make our own appointments directly with the department or specialist. Clashing dates or inconvenient times are avoided. Helen in France


    • So much more sensible, Helen. If I go to the dentist or for any other kind of appointment , I open my diary and they open theirs (or electronic booking system) and we find a mutually convenient date!


      • Exactly. My husband needs an operation shortly and the first date offered wasn’t really convenient so I asked for an alternative and its happening two weeks later which for us is much better timing.


  2. Oh I just love pretty notebooks and have several. Sounds like you had a lovely birthday. I agree about the NHS, they’re so chaotic.


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