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Following Friday’s soon-to-be-birthday lunch with friends, a family picnic was planned. This time there would be three little people (the eldest being just four), one 12 year old and six adults  – a recipe for a somewhat excitable get-together so the idea of lots of space for the children to run around in seemed a good one. But after Friday’s rain the ground was very damp and, in places, quite muddy so the picnic became an indoor one.  The food was very different to Friday’s – typical picnic offerings with the addition of warm pizza. It was hectic and tiring but special, all the same.  I shall see my two other grandchildren when they return from holiday later in the week.

imageThe Friday and Saturday lunches inevitably meant leftovers, but with exception of a few slices of pizza, there has been nothing wasted. Sunday evening’s meal was a tortilla made from the leftover potatoes and the Mozzarella and tomato salad with the remainder of the courgette used in Friday’s quiche, and the edamame bean salad I made for yesterday’s guests. This was all topped with three beaten eggs and a few slices of cheese and served with salad. I use this idea often to use up what needs eating, and we both enjoy it.

The sliced meats will do for a couple of lunches for Husband this week and the rest has been frozen to be retrieved next week. A portion of quiche is also in the freezer and the cocktail sausages will be turned into toad-in-the-hole for Husband’s this evening; (I shall be at Slimming World and will do something for myself when I get home).  There were a few remaining portions of dessert and these have been portioned up and frozen as we don’t often eat puds, though the strawberries and grapes have been made into a jelly which we will eat over the next couple of days.

imageHusband picked our first tomatoes today – just a handful of red cherry ones. They are late ripening this year. So far we’ve had a couple of meals with runner beans and there are enough for dinner tomorrow. The first apples were used this afternoon in an apple cake which once cooled will be frozen ready to take to the gym on Friday;  (for new readers who have just re-read that sentence wondering how references to cake and the gym sit side by side … it’s not a conventional gym. This ones for real women)!  I only realised as I was filling the cake tin that I’d used the medium sized one instead of the larger one, so the excess mixture was made into four muffin-sized buns.  The final harvesting of the day was a few sticks of rhubarb. This will probably end up in the freezer until required.









  1. You certainly know how to celebrate a birthday, Eloise! 🙂 I’m sure the family enjoyed the indoor picnic, and I like your solution to using up leftovers. How wonderful to pick apples and vegetables from your garden. Good idea to use the extra cake batter to make muffins. Hope you are having a good week.


    • Just one more birthday outing to go. I heard someone say that they didn’t want to celebrate getting older. I said there’s only one alternative …….so celebrate!!


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