An experiment – vegi Scotch eggs

On Monday we celebrated the ‘Woman of the Year’ award at Slimming World. The evening was rounded off with a food tasting session where members bring in a dish or two of ‘free’ or ‘low-syn’ food. It’s a great way to share ideas. In the past I have taken a variety of dishes and recently experimented with a sort of Key-lime pie. It wasn’t all that successful and I decided against making it again.  Spicy potatoes always go down well and the low syn trifle (also an experiment – but more successful) was also popular. Maybe I’d take those again…or could I think of something new?

On Saturday before I went shopping (mid-month top-up) I decided to carry out a freezer audit. I was hoping to free up a shelf so that on Sunday, ahead of time, I could make some cakes to take to work for my forthcoming birthday. Working  quickly  I emptied the contents, wiped down the shelves, re-sorted them in vegi/fish/meat/fruit & desserts and vegetables and put them all back in. The intention is that they stay thus sorted; the reality is that they tend not to. I think they rearrange themselves during the night just to confuse me!  The benefit of the sort-out is that I can see what we need, and more importantly what we don’t need. I planned what meals we’d eat for the next couple of days and moved the components to the fridge. Finding a small container of cherry tomatoes frozen at the end of last summer (!) I also took those out and when I went shopping bought a large red pepper. We had tomato and red pepper soup that evening.

Daughter had said to feel free to use up anything she’d left in there which included two packs of different types of vegi sausages. An idea began to form. To those sausages I added half a pack of chopped frozen shallots and put the whole lot into a large bowl to defrost. . Once defrosted I added a little mashed sweet potato to the sausage mixture to loosen it slightly. Then I added eggs to my shopping list, even though I already had a couple of dozen in the fridge.

The result was this: Vegi Scotch eggs. The mixture was carefully moulded around the hard boiled eggs and then baked in the oven for about 40 minutes. Result: tasty! And less than one syn each. I cut them into quarters for SW (they are fragile and so need very careful handling as I found out when I tried to cut the first one up. It was such a mess that I had to eat it!  The remainder went down very well at the taster evening.



  1. I’ve no doubt these were tasty, Eloise, but you have to like Scotch eggs and I can’t abide them, strangely enough, as I like sausages and I don’t mind a hard boiled egg, but not as a Scotch egg.
    Margaret P


    • I understand that, Margaret. Off the top of my head I can’t think of anything but I know there are food combinations that I don’t like even though the components are fine by themselves.


  2. I rather like Scotch eggs and think your idea to use up leftover veggie sausages is ingenious. We have some of those lurking in the freezer, nobody really likes them but maybe if I turn them into Scotch eggs, they will be eaten. Freezer entropy is a phenomenon that deserves research…. the contents of ours also gradually and without human input decline into disorder. Thanks for visiting my blog, it is a pleasure to meet you. Christina x


    • Hi Christina, thank you also for visiting. I think the human input on my part is trying to stuff too much into the freezer instead of first using up what’s there!


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