Long stories short

imageThere was more to each of them…more wrangling and a lot more frustration but here are the short versions…

Daughter ordered a new fridge freezer and arranged for it to be delivered on moving day which was last Friday. A time-slot of 4pm to 7pm was agreed. It didn’t arrive until Tuesday this week. Of course a hot summer is just the time to be without a fridge.

Friend J ordered two matching sofas. When they arrived they most definitely didn’t match (one being darker than the other), despite the labels having the same batch number. The delivery drivers wouldn’t take the wrong one back as they were contractors and not employed by the furniture company. Several weeks on she is still waiting for the replacement.

Friend L ordered new carpet for her stairs, landing and bedrooms. Delivery took a few weeks but  she was prepared to wait. The rooms were emptied, beds dismantled and the bath filled with her handbags (seriously – I’ve seen the photos)!  Carpet and fitters were due to arrive on Tuesday. They didn’t;  came on Wednesday, laid the carpet and then discovered a manufacturing fault so up it all came. What happened to Quality control? Now, with the entire upstairs of the house in disarray, it’s had to be re-ordered.

Why is it all such a drag?   You’d think that companies might have caught on by now that customer service is key. You’d think they’d realise the importance of word of mouth, but it seems that some still haven’t quite grasped the concept.

We have just ordered a new front door. I wait with bated breath.

Talking of buying things, I see in the newspaper that M&S is once again being berated for forgetting who its core customers are; I think such criticism is justified. So often their styling is totally inappropriate for anyone out of their teens (just look at all those micro mini skirts in size 8 on the sale rack). The store keeps bringing in new management and new designers but all are trying to woo the younger generation and seemingly failing to realise that most teenagers wouldn’t been seen anywhere near a branch of M&S, let alone wear the brand. I remember my daughter, just 30 at the time, calling me to say that she’d just bought her first ever item of clothing in there.  It was almost a guilty secret! The food hall is great and long may it last, but maybe they need to accept they’ve had their day in ladies’ fashion.


  1. Don’t get me started on M&S! I complained bitterly to the then chief, Lord Sieff in the early 1980s, about lack of style or suitable clothes for fashionable older women. That’s a whole story I won’t bore you with, but obviously no one listens to their paymasters, the shoppers!
    Customer service is now an oxymoron, such as military intelligence!
    Margaret P


    • I’ve written to M&S twice in the past regarding their inconsistent sizing which is so frustrating, but as you say, no-one listens to the customers. We don’t have a local M&S now.


  2. I think M & S need to get a panel of women our ages into their design briefing rooms! And we could help with store design too. I wanted a pair of black trousers a couple of weeks ago. Had to go to six!!!!! different places in the store, two of those on a different floor before I could a few pairs I liked the style of. And then I had to take in 3 sizes of each as with M & S I can be an 8, a 10 or a 12. I think I’m like a lot of their core customers now, I’m a ‘once I was a core customer.’ Usually go to White Stuff or Mountain Warehouse (yes, really, they do great casual tops) for all my tops and Matalan for trousers. I only went to Marks this time because I had a voucher that needed to be spent. Didn’t spend it so will be hitting the food hall next week after I’ve defrosted the freezer.


    • You are so absolutely right, Savannah! Why on earth black trousers need to feature in every one of their clothing ranges makes no sense whatsoever. And don’t get me started on the sometimes garish colours and patterns. Sizing is ridiculous. One skirt in my wardrobe is 2″ smaller around the waist than another which is a size below! ‘Long’ in one range is the same as ‘Regular’ in another. There’s just no consistency. Enjoy the food – at lest that’s a consistent quality …..usually!


  3. I tremble with fear these days at having to deal with anything wanting delivery or if anything needs mending and we need to find a trades person who is willing to do the job and will actually turn up to do it.
    It’s a minefield.


    • It is, Sheila. A trusted, reliable tradesman is to be treasured! Dealing with companies where there is little personal contact is indeed an experience to be dreaded. My daughter tried to get a fridge freezer locally but delivery times made it impossible.


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