My empty nest

NestMy nest is empty once again. Daughter came to stay for “about a year” at the end of August last year.  Eleven months and one week later she’s flown….all the way to Bedfordshire.  Her bedroom and our loft were emptied of her possessions. She packed her car, we packed ours and all made our way to her new home, her route less direct than ours as she had first to go to her old house in Shropshire to meet her father who, with a ‘man and a van’ was going to transport furniture to the new house.  Arriving at the new home, we met her partner’s parents for the first time, bonding over the putting together of beds and the frustration of missing screws! Boxes were unpacked and cupboards filled.  It’s a temporary home and in a few months time, they’ll be doing it all over again. I really do hope that this will be it for some years; my girl needs to settle.  Thirteen moves in fifteen years is too many. Fingers crossed that the sale of her old house sale goes through with no hitches. The contents of two large houses (even when drastically pared down) do not easily fit into one small one so guess what……we ended bringing back an office chair and desk, which had been taken that morning from Shropshire to Bedfordshire, back to Worcestershire to store in our loft until the next move which will involve a bigger house……just a slight feeling of déjà vu here. Before she left, Daughter had filled two bin liners with clothes she no longer wanted and asked me to give them to the next charity collection. The day after she moved she sent a text to say she’d changed her mind about some of them so could I hold onto them until she’s next here! She’s calling in on Thursday to sort through them and pick up a few remaining bits and pieces.

No matter how well planned, a house move is always stressful After a lunch of Pringles and Twix bars (!), the journey home was a nightmare! The M1 was stationary so we took a look at the map and decided we needed to head for Banbury but managed somehow to miss a turning. Husband then set the sat-nav to a non-motorway setting. This took us a very roundabout way into Milton Keynes, to Towcester and then Banbury where we were able to pick up the M40, which was slow due to an accident. The one and three quarter hour journey took three hours and 10 minutes.  Even if it hadn’t, it wasn’t a journey I liked at all. I am seriously considering going by train when I go to stay. That day, we had travelled through Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. The chair managed one more having started in Shropshire.

On Sunday I stripped Daughter’s bed and cleaned the room, sorted through the various bits and pieces I’d removed when she moved back in and got ready to return the room to ‘spare bedroom’ status.  I always think a good sort out is very cathartic.

Alternative titles considered for this post:

  • Adventures of a well travelled chair
  • The six county tour
  • The long road home







  1. My eldest son has definitely flown the nest. He has his own flat and lovely Brazilian girlfriend and two cats. He seems very content and settled. However, I am only too aware that life can throw some curved balls. Although I really hope that it won’t! Youngest son is in last year at Manchester Uni. He took two years out before starting. I have no idea – and neither does he – of what he will do when he has finished his degree. Of course he still has his bedroom here and most of his belongings. I love it when the boys are at home and always miss their company when they’ve gone but a little bit of me quite enjoys the peace and quiet that returns! I think it’s safe to say that all we want is for our children to be well and happy! I imagine that your house does feel empty and I hope that the latest move works out for your daughter.


  2. Sounds like your daughter’s recent move went as well as it could, even if your journey back took so long. I’m sure you miss her, but, you’ll be able to look forward to visiting her. How far away is her new home from yours?


  3. My daughter came for a few months while she looked for a new home and stayed for 16 months along with two huge greyhounds. She moved out two weeks ago and I stayed with her for the first 10 days so it felt very quiet when I came home. I’m getting used to it though! Your journey sounded terrible.


    • Oh I’m not sure I’d have coped with greyhounds too! Although she was away quite a lot, it does seem very quiet. I suppose it’s because I know her being away is not just temporary now.


  4. It will be a while until my nest is completely empty. It must feel strange for you now, but I really hope your daughter has finally found somewhere she can feel settled. X


    • Treasure every moment, Jules. It will be some time yet but when it happens you will look back (with longing) and wonder how all that time seemed to have passed in the blink of an eye. I’m missing her


    • I can understand that, Sheila. I think she has flown for good this time though, and that’s a sad thought, though absolutely the right thing for her. She needs to be back in a kitchen of her own – she said that mine wasn’t logical !!!


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