A bit of a change

If money was no object I’d like a new shiny white kitchen, but with more than 30 cupboard doors and all the necessary bits and pieces, even having them dipped rather than replaced is a costly option. And to be fair, I don’t dislike the present kitchen. The time had come however, to lavish on it, a bit of TLC. A few years ago we had replaced the worktops and had back-boards fitted instead of tiles. At the same time we papered one of the walls in lime green. It was a mistake (mine) – the colour was great but the paper had a slight sheen which meant that it showed every slight imperfection in the plaster. The house was built in the days before plasterboard was common and though considered, the idea  of having them replastered (with all its attendant mess) was rejected. We’d just get a thicker, matte paper we said at the time. But we never got around to it…until now.

Kitchen 3

By chance I came across an excellent wallpaper website  https://www.gowallpaper.co.uk   which offers a huge choice. I sent for several samples and was pleased to find one in just the right shade of lime, slightly ribbed and with no sheen. I ordered it, Husband hung it. What a difference; we were delighted. But (isn’t there always a but?) now it made the rest of the walls look a tad shabby. I had a fancy for a brick effect – something pale. Again, we’re really pleased with the result.

By now the ‘change’ bug was well in the air. I looked around the kitchen to think of something else, and deciding that we could afford to lose one cupboard, explained my plan to Husband. He removed a cupboard door (whilst I found alternative homes for the various bits and pieces that had been stored therein), papered the inside with the brick paper and replaced the shelves with glass ones.

Kitchen 5Now I have  somewhere to display a few pieces including an amber pressed glass dish that I was recently excited to find in a Brixham charity shop for just £3. Inexpensive and mass produced, I have a real liking for pressed glass which comes in a range of colours – I have mostly pink and green (and wrote about my pink pieces here: Pink pressed glass). It was produced in both America and Europe during the early 1800-1900s.  Most of my pieces have been picked up for a few pounds in charity shops, or in the case of some dishes I have, for 20p each at a jumble sale. Both are good hunting grounds for sourcing this kind of glass (and I’m dead cheap to buy a present for)!   The green figurine is actually a uranium lamp base (a later piece produced in 1930s) by Walter & Sohn, a well respected German glass maker. Also shown is a Joseph Holdcraft Majolica water-lily plate c1870. The eclectic collection on my shelves also shows some of the pieces of olive chinaware bought in Obidos, Portugal last year. No doubt I shall change the display from time to time.

All of which just goes to show that changes don’t have to cost a lot but can still brighten up a space and bring a smile to the face. Happy with that!

Kitchen 6


  1. Your kitchen looks lovely and spacious! I like the “brick” wallpaper and the new display space. Lucky you to have a husband who is able to do the work for you. My kitchen desperately needs to be repainted – it hasn’t been repainted since it was remodelled over 20 years ago!


    • Thank you Bless. Yes, it is very fortunate that my husband is able to do such things. Employing people to do jobs in the house can be very costly


  2. I love your new look kitchen, especially the glass shelved display unit. I have similar bowls to your olive ones which I bought in Italy three years ago 😀


    • Thanks Kavitha. I love mediterranean ceramics; the colours are so vibrant and the designes transport me back to holiday spots I’ve enjoyed


  3. Your kitchen looks lovely, Eloise! We did much the same but rather a long time ago, in 2000, when we ‘did up’ the kitchen (it now needs this TLC treatment again) and replaced ordinary shelves with glass ones but in the cupboards that have glass doors, and also put lights in the top, so that the whole effect is a bit like a dresser but with doors. Your open shelves look lovely, and the lime of the walls is really ‘you’! Love it all!
    Margaret P


    • We may add lights, Margaret. We did discuss it at the time but decided to see how it goes with the ‘lights in a bottle’ and the small battery candles in jars. The dark winter evenings will decide for us!


  4. Your display area is a brilliant idea! I’m toying with a similar thought when the dishwasher dies. Not totally sure I want to replace it.

    Countertops and backsplash will be replaced in the next five years but still looking for what makes my herart sing.

    Can I ask? Why the huge North American fridge?


    • Lovely to hear from you, Linda. I always had a dishwasher when the children were growing up but when we moved here, there was no logical place to put one and by the time we’d installed the kitchen I’d goyt used to there not being one and now with just the two of us, it’s only when all the family are around that it crosses my mind. That said, it’s rare that I wash up as Husband has always made it ‘his’ job (for which I am very grateful). The American style fridge-freezer came about like this: I’ve always had a large freezer as I like to do a main shop only once a month and there’s often a bit of excess produce from the garden to freeze. The old fridge-freezer needed replacing and when I looked around, I really liked the look of the American one. It’s about 9 years old now and at the time they weren’t all that popular (much more so now) There used to be a pantry in the recess but the space lent itself to housing the freezer, so when we got this one we adjusted the dimensions of the opening to accommodate it. A heart that sings is a good aim – in everything!


  5. Love the idea of the display you have and just taking off a door to do so. The place I’m moving to has a completely renovated modern kitchen.I could live with it, but I won’t!!!! I shall be knocking down a wall and completely re-organising everything. So that will be chaos for several months


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