Abandoned plans

Or alternatively: One small girl and forty cakes

The intention was to take a quick trip to Morrisons for yogurt (now the only local supermarket that sells the one I like best) and a selection of herbs and spices, the latter to fill the almost new rack that my son had discarded; I thought Daughter could make use of it in her soon-to-be new home. Whilst there I also picked up a pretty babygrow with matching bib and vest as a gift, which saves a job tomorrow. So far, so good.


After Morrisons I planned to make a few cards I needed (new baby, new home, and a couple for birthdays), shorten two pairs of leggings, catch up a few blogs that I read but have neglected this week, prepare a couple of agent submissions for my book (I am not putting in anywhere near enough effort) and to make inroads into a short story idea I had at around 4am this morning.

The mistake (not that it was really one) was to call into Son’s house.  Elder granddaughter had been upset yesterdaySuffice to say that what with hormones and social media, I am so thankful that my teenage years are well behind me … there has to be some compensation for this ageing lark! It was all at lot more harmonious this morning but it never hurts for children to have a bit of one-to-one parent time so I asked younger granddaughter whether she’d like to to come home with me to make a cake. The answer was and enthusiastic nod and a quick run up the stairs to collect a teddy who needed a little help from a needle and thread to stop his stuffing falling out. When it comes to such matters, it’s usually a case of Nanny to the rescue!

RooGranddaughter decided to make an Orange cake and got stuck in whist I repaired ‘Eddy Teddy’.  She then helped me mix three more cakes (one for Husband, one for a friend and one for the freezer). Once they were in the oven she asked if she could also make fairy cakes so 24 of those followed. Still not finished she also made a start on a dozen chocolate brownies but half way through gave a big sigh and said she needed a rest and went to lie down in the sitting room!  “I am only eight,” she said when I accused her of being a lazy monkey! She emerged in time to start icing and decorating the fairy cakes. Having considered the entire contents of my baking cupboard, she did, I thought, a good job of them.  These are the ones she decided to leave behind as a ‘treat’ for us! The rest, as well as her large orange cake were packed up ready to take home.

Z little cakes





  1. I’d be tired after making one cake! Well done you and your dear granddaughter! I like the spice rack, by the way, very neat! And what a dear little babygro! How lovely children’s clothes are now, when our sons were young, one will be 50 this year and the other was 46 last May, clothes could only be bought in Mothercare (by catalogue until there was a shop in the town) or from what were called baby linen shops and they were expensive. Supermarkets as we know them today were only just starting, perhaps with just two aisles.
    Margaret P


    • I could never have managed if they’d had to be made by hand! My wrists are just not strong enough. The cake mixer definitely earns its keep! A new Mothercare catalogue was always rather exciting. I remember making a long list of needs/wants when expecting my eldest son.


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