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imageBack to work yesterday after a break of eleven days. In my old job I’d have found something approaching 200 emails waiting for me, a pile of post, numerous phone messages and several meetings added to my diary.   There were 36 emails, fifty timesheets, one phone message and one meeting in the diary. The timesheets just needed putting into a folder, and the phone message was from our energy supplier so not even intended for me. The emails took a couple of hours to clear or action, and then I was free to get on with my usual daily work. How different to my previous job, so much less stressful and I was able to leave on time at 2pm. I was lulled into a false ease – today was ‘one of those days’……busy, busy, busy and I didn’t get out until 4pm. Swings and roundabouts, I guess!

When I got home I prepared dinner – a simple one of sausage and mash for Husband and my brother who was visiting, vegi sausage and mash for Daughter and the same vegi sausage but with salad* for myself. We really like the Linda McCartney Red onion and Rosemary ones. Husband picked the first rhubarb of the year which I made into a crumble.   *The holiday weight gain was 2lb. Could have been worse but I’m feeling determined for a good loss on the scales next Monday at Slimming World.

Daughter, who came to stay for ‘about a year’ last August has announced that she will be moving out again in a couple of weeks time. I very much used to enjoy visiting her in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, but will soon be wending my way to Bedfordshire. This will be (I think) her 13th move in the 15 years since she left home for university. A few moves have been through choice, others because of work, and the rest as a result of circumstance.   As she says, it was never her intention to have such an itinerant lifestyle! It’s been lovely having her home, even though in practice she has been away for more nights than she’s stayed here. I shall have to get used, once again, to an empty nest.  However, not all her belongings are going with her initially, as she will be in temporary accommodation for six months whilst she finds somewhere more permanent. Our loft continues to provide storage space!





  1. It’s funny how a day which starts all calm and organized can turn on a sixpence (who remembers those?) and suddenly become almost overwhelmingly busy! Well done on making that lovely meal, even simple it needed preparation and cooking.
    I do hope your daughter will be happy moving to Bedfordshire, and eventually she will be asking for her things from your loft!
    Margaret P


    • Today has been quieter at work, thank goodness. Daughter is looking forward to the move and will hopefully settle. She’s not been influenced by us to be a serial mover as we have stayed put for 22 years.


  2. Well, at least your first day back at work went well and you had time to catch up on things before getting inundated on the second day!

    Your dinner sounds good. I tried some vegetarian sausage, the other day, when we went to eat at a vegan restaurant, and liked them! A 2 lb. weight gain while on holiday is not too bad. I think I gained 2 lbs., myself, just staying home with my daughter visiting, because we’ve eaten out a few times! LOL.

    I’m sure you’ll miss your daughter when she moves out, even if she isn’t home all that much during this period of living at home, but, no doubt you’ll visit her at her new home. It’s good that she can leave some of her belongings with you. My daughter still has her room, here, even though she’s lived away for the past 5 years!

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