We’ve been away

The worst part of any holiday is surely the unpacking once home, second only to packing in the first place (but at least there is the promise of the holiday when doing that). We have just returned from a week in South Devon, staying in the fishing town/holiday destination of Brixham. 

Home for the week was a very  holiday lodge. At 20 feet wide and 40 feel long, these are proper mobile homes rather than caravans, and all the more comfortable for it.

Sitting on a balcony looking across to the sea is a relaxing way to spend an hour…or two…or longer!


Strolling along the breakwater, alongside the marina and around the harbour took up part of almost every day.

Hols 8

We’ve had non-stop sunny days – hot, but bearable (unlike last year’s temperatures which were so debilitating. We’ve seen beautiful sunsets…


Hol 15…and eaten delicious food  – crab sandwiches from Claws on the seafront are THE best! In fact, we ate them for lunch two days running.

The whiting from Rockfish was amazing. Why is it impossible to find whiting anywhere else?


image4 (17)



We had a wonderful cream tea at the Guardsman Cafe on Berry Head (even if I did struggle to walk up there – the foot is still playing up). I forgot to take a photo but here’s one from an earlier visit.

Hols 11We ventured away from Brixham very little, but the ferry to Dartmouth is always a must.  The buildings here are so varied.

Hol 18Bayards Cove Inn (another good crab sandwich, though Claws beats it) and a favourite place for lunch was full! It’s the first time we’ve failed to get a table.

After a coffee elsewhere, we sat on a bench on Bayard’s Cove for a while watching the boats. Unchanged for so many years, this area has been used several times in historic TV dramas.

The blue and white house in the picture is the old Customs House.


Then we took a walk along the cobbled quay to the old fort…

…before resting on a bench on the ‘sea’ front ‘boat watching’. To be precise, it’s actually a river as Dartmouth is the place where the River Dart, which runs from Dartmoor, meets the sea.

Hol 20I said that the worst part of holidays is the unpacking. I’m not sure which are the best – there are so many, but up there close to the top of the list is the night of our return home. There is just no bed like one’s own!





  1. So glad that you had such a wonderful holiday. I love Dartmouth and have very happy memories of our family holiday there. There’s something very special about British seaside holidays – weather permitting!

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  2. So glad that you had such a wonderful holiday. I love Dartmouth and have very happy memories of our family holiday there. There’s something very special about British seaside holidays – weather permitting!


  3. Hello Eloise
    The place sounds idyllic but our go to place is always East of England. And like you we’ve had a whole week away – in wonderful Woodbridge. But unlike you the holiday is from Sunday to Sunday so I’m doing some last minute packing and then off we go back home. It was so nice to get away 🙂


    • I don’t know the east of England at all, Penny. Glad to hear that you’ve had a good time too


    • As much as I like to explore new places and do the ‘tourist thing’, I love the relaxing holidays in familiar places too.


  4. So glad you had a good holiday in Brixham! When we went to Bayard’s on Monday, we managed to get a seat in the window of this historic inn (the 2nd oldest building in Dartmouth, dating from the 14th century; the oldest is the Cherub Inn – if it’s still an inn – and parts of that date from the 13th century).
    The Custom’s House at Bayard’s Cove was used as the setting for the Coroner’s office in the BBC1 afternoon TV series, The Coroner and as I expect you know, part of the River Dart was used as a stand in (or river in!) for the mighty River Amazon in the 1970s TV drama, The Onedin LIne.
    We have yet to make our way to Claws this summer, on the harbourside at Brixham but I hope to go before too long, certainly before the schools break up and the resort is even more crowded than it is already.
    Margaret P


    • I remember The Onedin Line and that they used Bayards Cove for some of the scenes. It was a great series. We’ve managed to get a window seat at the inn fore now. I could sit there for hours people watching. I think if I lived in the area, I’d probably avoid the holiday towns as much as possible for the six week holiday!


  5. It looks like you enjoyed a lovely trip and what a beautiful area it is.
    Your lodge looks a lot like one we stayed in last year. It was perfect for us and even had a wine cooler.
    The sunset looks glorious and I’m really craving some delicious fresh seafood now.
    I hope you’ve managed to get through your unpacking. X


    • All done, Jules. Wasting done too but still a bit of ironing to do. We didn’t have a wine cooler (apart from the fridge!). There was a washing machine, dryer and dishwasher but we didn’t use any of them!


  6. We like it there. When we all go to Torquay in August we take about trip across the bay to Brixham. We enjoy the fish and chips and a stroll around the harbour.


    • Wendy, when you go to Torquay, perhaps you might like to take a trip up to Babbacombe, get some fish and chipd from the award-winning Hanbury’s fish and chip place in Babbacombe (have a look at their website) and take them to eat Babbacombe Downs for one of the best views in Devon – the while of Lyme Bay will be in front of you.
      Margaret P


      • I must do that too. Another visit is essential!! time. We love the Bygones museum in Babbacombe.


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