Inconsequential chatter

I have nothing overly exciting to report and will therefore chatter inconsequentially – this is a review of an ordinary week.

On Monday I went to Slimming World and I’d lost a pound. That would be great if I lost a pound every week because as Tesco tells us – every little helps. However, I gain as often as I lose, so nothing to celebrate there but it could have been worse.

I had to visit our Birmingham office on Tuesday. You may have heard of ‘Spaghetti Junction’ (below); the office is not far from there. If you live in the UK then you will almost certainly have done so for it is well known for being the most complex and busiest multiple motorway junction  in the country.   It is not a joy to drive on. I encountered it many times in my previous job but not for several years now and I have no inclination of ever doing so again.  Thus, on Tuesday, my colleague and I took the train.  It was raining – heavily at first, more heavily later, and torrentially later still. Fortunately when we alighted from the train for the walk up the hill to the office, it had eased off a little but we still got uncomfortably wet. One of the managers kindly gave us a lift back to the station when it was time to go.

Spag junct

Wednesday dawned a little brighter. I’d booked a half day off work as I was going out to lunch. Given that I work short days, this meant that I only worked for two and a half hours. I felt demob-happy as I left! Oh that every working day was as short. Lunch was delicious. I had a salmon and freekeh salad with a ginger and spring onion dressing. I only recently discovered freekeh and this was the second time I’ve eaten it. It’s a grain, similar to bulgur wheat. I looked in Tesco and Asda but neither sell it. Next time I order from Ocado I’m going to get some.

My car went into the garage for a service on Thursday. Apparently the two-year full service is a big one. Fortunately I had a half price concession (the result of a ‘discussion’ I had following a recent, wholly justified, complaint with one of the directors) but it still cost £140. Two new tyres will be needed in the not too distant future. There’s always something, isn’t there? In the afternoon I went for a back massage which loosened up my tense shoulders beautifully. Not a very regular activity, I do sometimes treat myself when I feel the muscles knotting. In the evening the knots came back with the stress of trying to work with ready-to-roll icing. What a nightmare! It stuck, it melted and it oozed as I tried to lift it from the board onto the cake. The yellow icing was bad enough but the black stuff (it was supposed to be a Batman cake for my grandson’s birthday) was like tar; it even stained my fingers and I reckon it took twenty minutes to dig the vile gunge out from my nails. The cake looked as if it had been decorated by a six year old. Never again.

And now here we are on Friday and so far it’s been a jolly nice day. I got my hair highlighted this morning, picked up my new prescription sunglasses (my much loved old ones got lost and it’s taken an age to find a replacement frame that I like), and had coffee and a sandwich lunch with some lovely friends. After lunch I went to Tesco and bought a Batman cake (enough said)!  Then I picked up my granddaughter from school and, as always, loved listening to her own ‘inconsequential chatter’.

So, an ordinary week with no great drama but I’m happy with a week like that.



  1. Yes, there’s always something with a car! They keep us poor, don’t they? As for the ready-to-roll icing, I’ve never used that but it sounds vile (possibly doesn’t taste much better but children do love a Batman cake, don’t they?) I’ve never heard of Freekeh, I thought at first that was a spelling mistake and it was feckin’ as in Irish for another very similar rude word!
    Margaret P


    • It was awful, Margaret. I thought about it later and I have used such icing once before but it was a different make and ready rolled up in a sheet (like bought pastry sheets). It just had to be placed over the cake. Grandson couldn’t care less whether it’s a bought cake – he just wanted to blow out candles! Haha, freekeh tasted good!


  2. I think that lots of enjoyable consequential days, weeks, make up for a lovely life. With a nice flow. Chuckle about the cake. I made amazing cakes for my two eldest children when they were young.


    • I like your thinking! I always made my children’s cakes too. I couldn’t believe how wrong this one went! Grandson was very happy with his shop bought one though.


    • I hope things become drama-free for you very soon Sheila. There is much to said for a quiet life!


  3. Sounds like a good week, to me. 🙂 I had to laugh about the Batman cake adventure! Happy birthday to your grandson!


    • You’ve never seen such a mess, Bless but I salvaged the cake, scraped off the icing and topped the cake with normal coffee icing and walnuts!


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