Saturday thoughts

Firstly, Husband has pointed out that he does not think me insane (as per yesterday’s post) – only misguided!

I’m looking forward to our summer holiday in Brixham, Devon later this summer. Somehow this delightful little town manages to perfectly combine being the largest and busiest fishing port in the South West of England with a relaxing holiday destination.  

I’ve been visiting Devon all my life, first as a young girl staying in very basic caravans with my parents (toilets and showers in a separate block – what horror) and later in a bed and breakfast, hotel or ‘better grade’caravans, all of which, thankfully, had their own facilities. Then, a few years ago, we came across Riviera Bay which offers lodges (the luxurious kind sold as residential mobile homes rather than caravans) which are very spacious and have not just one, but two bathrooms – one each! These fabulous lodges have their own site, separate from the other holiday homes, in spacious grounds that are well maintained.  The prime positions are taken by the owner-occupied lodges, which only seems fair, but we have so far had wonderful views across St Mary’s Bay.  I do hope no-one will have bought a plot that obscures our view this year. If I can find a spare £180,000 I might even buy one myself!

Although we go out and visit other places, the majority of our holiday is spent in Brixham itself and our activity is very predictable:

  • At some point every day we amble around the harbour sometimes stopping for an ice cream in one of the many flavours available. Husband usually goes for Rum & Raisin or Banoffee, whereas I’m more likely to choose Coffee or Tiramisu. Another day I might treat us to some handmade fudge – interesting flavour essential !
  • We’ll also take a walk alongside the marina
  • And another walk along the breakwater. Back in 2018 Storm Emma caused damage that cost three million pounds to put right.
  • We’ll spend an hour or so watching the working boats and hope to see the resident harbour seal pop up for his regular fish lunch provided by the fish market workers
  • The estate agents windows will be studied and we’ll discuss which property we might buy if we’d won the lottery – sea view a must have!
  • There will be at least one visit to the Berry Head nature reserve, walking to the tip of the headland to drink in the stunning views which take in the whole of Torbay, and then we’ll order a cream tea  or lunch at the on-site Guardsman Cafe. Did I say one visit? Make that two or three! With my mobility still a little limited, I may have to stay longer in the cafe whilst Husband takes his camera along the headland. Oh dear, more scones!
  • Fish and chips from the harbour-side shop, Rockfish is a must – whiting for me as I love it and it’s hard to find anywhere inland.
  • We always take the car ferry over to Dartmouth where we’ll walk through the quaint town to the lovely Bayard’s Cove Inn where we’ll order crab sandwiches and then follow the the short walk along the cobbled quay to Bayard’s Fort.  Providing it’s not raining we’ll then sit on one of the ‘sun-trap’ quay benches and watch the boats for an hour or so whilst looking across the estuary to Kingswear.  It’s all very slow paced.  Later we’ll call into M&S Simply Food where we’ll stock up on a few treats for the rest of the week.

Like I said – predictable, but I wouldn’t change it!







  1. PS Have you walked to Dartmouth Castle from Dartmouth itself? You mightn’t be able to this year because of your foot, but it’s a wonderful walk, via Warfleet, with tantalizing views of the River Dart all the way.
    Margaret P


    • Many, many years ago, I’m pretty sure we did when the children were small. It’s such a lovely area


    • Oh you are, Margaret. I love the sea so very much. I hope it’s dry and warm, but will be glad for it not to be as hot as last year. It was so debilitating, though it made for a very relaxing holiday because it was too hot to do anything!


  2. You paint a beautiful picture, Eloise. Your holiday sounds pretty perfect to me.
    I’m glad it’s not just me who has a look at the estate agents when I’m away. I can dream. X


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