A catalogue of frustration

One way and another it’s been a frustrating few days.

About ten days ago a friend and regular blog-commenter emailed to tell me that she had not seen any of her recent comments appear in the list which follows each post. I tried to sort it out myself (unsuccessfully, which is not surprising since beyond Microsoft packages, my technical know-how is more of a don’t-know-how)! As I delved deeper and deeper into the available maintenance screens, clicking this icon and that, I worried that I’d press some button which decimated the entire blog. It was such a pain setting it up in the beginning (but you were worth it, dear readers), I’m not sure I could have faced starting again from scratch!  The good news is that whilst writing this post, the problem has been resolved by a very helpful man at WordPress.

On Monday a parcel arrived containing two dresses ordered online. I don’t buy many clothes nowadays but we have the gym ‘Ascot’ Ladies day later this week and I’d decided to treat myself to a summery frock.  Still not up to training around shops for too long (the short distance from the car park to the bank had all but finished me off the week before), that evening I’d surfed and searched and thought I’d found. Why do I never learn? They have since been returned. I have a new dress (but not very summery – though if the current weather continues that’s really not going to matter) still with labels bought in the sale after Christmas so that will have to do.

On Tuesday I rang to book my car in for a service explaining that I had been offered a half-price one due to several errors which occurred when my car went in for some work to be done under the manufacturer’s recall scheme. There was no note to this effect on my account but fortunately I had a letter. I am good with paperwork; I file it diligently. Could I find it? I searched and searched – seemingly for hours – and eventually found it in the bag waiting for shredding! Heaven knows how it got in there.

On Wednesday I fired off a polite, but unmistakably annoyed, email to the CEO of Tesco. I’d been in correspondence with their Customer Service department since 28th May and was getting nowhere. I’ll explain in a later post when the issue is resolved.

On Thursday I attended the Fracture clinic at the hospital. I am still in a fair bit of discomfort after breaking a metatarsal bone my foot.  Curiously the pain, for the most part, is not where the fracture was. I described how this manifests itself in detail. The doctor nodded knowingly. I won’t go into detail but suffice to say that he mentioned possible nerve damage. I have to go back in six weeks time. Worst case scenario is surgery but it has limited success.

On Friday I tried on the two pairs of sandals I bought just before the accident. Hah! No chance! I will have to buy yet another pair (this time with adjustable straps) to take on holiday as for various reasons (straps in the wrong place, not flat enough) various pairs of old sandals don’t work either.

This morning I went to pay at the checkout in Tesco only to find that my debit card wasn’t in my purse. I’ve looked through every handbag, even ones I haven’t used in Reporting a lost card can apparently be done online, so you plough through the various screens only to find that unless you have the card to put in the PIN card reader, you can’t report it online. If I had the card I wouldn’t be reporting it lost, would I? Or is there something I don’t understand? The telephone call was even more frustrating than trying to do it online. After answering the robot’s numerous security questions I was then put through to a real person. “Where did you lose it?” he asked. Well, if I knew that it wouldn’t be lost! “When did you last use it?”  I couldn’t remember, but possibly on Friday. “What was your last transaction?” (Isn’t that the same question)? On and on they went as I repeated the same information over and over.

But over this same frustrating period I have seen both my sons, all five of my beautiful grandchildren, I’ve been out with lovely friends for lunch, been constantly supplied with cups of coffee by Husband whilst I sit resting with my foot up, and now the sun is shining. Life’s not bad – and maybe I’ll need that summery dress for Thursday after all.

How’s your week going? Comments


  1. Hello Eloise

    Just a quick email to say I noted the frustration you have with WordPress and yes it really is full of quirks and is quite irritating at times. I am a WordPress self-hosted blogger and permanently logged in. But here’s the thing I regularly read your blog and regularly comment and yesterday I commented on your stockpiling post and this one. The comments disappeared after a page opened for me to put in my password which i find so annoying because as I said I’m permanently logged IN!!!! Then the comments disappeared on both blogs and I don’t see either of them today. Now this happens some of the time (like yesterday) but not all of the time as sometimes I see my comment on your post is awaiting moderation.

    I think I’ll contact WordPress to ask why sometimes (but not always) I have to prove who I am when I comment on WordPress blogs. Ah the technology!!! Have a good Sunday Best Penny



  2. Apologies Eloise, for my rather late comment on your post. I feel your pain because I’ve been having WordPress issues, too. I have been unable to comment on some blogs I follow and I am no longer being notified when new posts are published on certain blogs. This includes yours. Very frustrating!


    • I find the online chat with WordPress is usually helpful, June. The only problem is that I’m sometimes at a loss as to how to describe certain functions. I usually go along the lines of…”you know that little icon that looks like…..”

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  3. Oh Eloise, what a frustrating and challenging week! Re: your foot – let’s trust it continues to heal. I’ve only stubbed my toe – the pain!!!! And I have never successfully bought clothes on line – they NEVER fit!

    As for WordPress – gosh it’s so annoying. I have a self-hosted WordPress blog and am always permanently logged in. And yet, every time I go on another WordPress blog to, for example, ‘like’ the blog, it refuses to accept my ‘like’. And another frustration is I have just commented on your stockpiling blog. I wrote quite a long comment and yet it not only wanted me to put in my password because apparently someone was trying to say I was me, and when I did put in the password, the comment completely disappeared. Hopefully you are moderating it?????? But it ‘aint simple!

    Have a good weekend and yes, family is everything! And you will I think need a summery dress – hot weather is coming 🙂


  4. You are so optimistic! So lovely. I moved from a house I was sharing with a difficult family member, to a cabin in the hills. What a stressful time it has been. Next week will be better.


  5. First of all, thank you so much for all the trouble you went to with WordPress to get my comments to ‘stick’!
    Your various frustrations sound like normal life these days. All first world problems (apart from the foot, that could happen to anyone) but oh, all so frustrating! Yes, we have to jump through hoops when we phone companies, don’t we? Who on earth copies all the details off their Visa or credit cards? And as we use them all the time now, in our ever increasing cashless society, how do we know which shop we last used it in? Post office for stamps? The Co-op for a cauliflower? Costa for coffee?
    As for buying clothes online, tell me about it! I thought the T-shirts I purchased from M&S would be fine, they were my size (whatever that is, every company has a different sizing mechanism) but why have they added elsastane or whatever it’s called to T-shirts, for heaven’s sake. We wear them when it’s hot. Having some form of elastic in them is like dressing in a polythene bag!
    Indeed, having managed to get the address of the CEO of a company is an achievement in itself. I tried to phone the Manager of our local Sainsbury’s without success. That’s another story!
    Margaret P


    • Spot on with all that you say, Margaret. They are, as you say, everyday frustrations. The fact that we all experience them should provoke steps to eliminate them, but companies are not, whatever they say, interested in the customer experience. Otherwise, why all the self-serve checkouts in shops? Oh, of course, it’s to cut staff costs! Anyhow, I am delighted to see that your comments are ‘sticking’!


      • Oh, great, that this comment has ‘stuck’ at last, Eloise! I hate self-service checkouts. I feel that I’d be sure to do something wrong and it would eventually take longer. Also, I hate to think that we’re actually serving ourselves. It’s had enough going around picking up the stuff for ourselves and putting it in trolleys without checking out ourselves, too! Bring back shopkeepers and counters and delivery boys on bicycles, ha ha!
        Margaret P


      • I enjoy choosing and putting the stuff in the trolley (and I know that you also have no problem with this ….in the right supermarket!) but I really object to scanning it too. Perhaps the stores should offer a discount if customers are going to be doing it for themselves.


  6. Now just one of those on it’s own wouldn’t be so bad, but it seems like you’ve been having one of those weeks. X


  7. Well so far Eloise, bearing in mind it’s just Tuesday morning here, my week not been too bad. Well better than yours from what you’ve just told us 😊

    It’s been years since I had to deal with ‘card services’……. So I didn’t look quite the fool I felt in misplacing the card in the first place I did preempt their questions about last time it was used and where by checking online before hand (I can see any purchases on the app from the minute they are made) but even so ‘they’ still did make me feel a fool for misplacing the credit card in the first place.

    Placing a 2 day hold ( before cancelling…..with all the associated problems that causes) in case I found it was a great option they offered because yes it turned up under the passenger seat i n the car. Still pondering the know how or why all these years later.

    Lunch – family – coffee- doesn’t sound too bad…..here’s to more of that!
    Take care


    • The two day delay is a good idea. I expect my old card will turn up just as the new one arrives!


  8. Certainly a frustrating week for you, but you seem to have them all sorted now. Fingers crossed that your foot isn’t as bad as it seems.

    Your ‘missing’ letter reminded me of one of mine that I’d been searching for. For some reason last weekend I suddenly thought of a letter I’d received for an appointment for physiotherapy and knowing that the appointment was quite soon I needed to check the details. Thank goodness I’d put it on my calendar, 15th July and the time, but I didn’t know where and I knew it wasn’t at the hospital. Like you I am diligent and methodical with my filing (I credit my clerical training for that), but checking, re-checking and looking in places it couldn’t possibly be, didn’t reveal anything. So on Monday I was preparing to ring my local hospital hoping they may have a clue as to where I should go when I suddenly came across the letter. I don’t know why I did it as I’ve never done it before (a senior moment?), but I’d put the letter inside my diary on the relevant day. It was ‘hidden’ because when the letter is folded in half it is the same size as my A5 diary. If anything goes missing again I shall know where to look first, lol. As an old manager of mine used to say, “Happy days!”


    • Thanks Joan. I wonder what it is that makes us momentarily deviate from our usual actions? Having our minds on the next task, I suppose!


  9. Oh dear. What a difficult week. I hope the coming will be much better and your foot too improves. Xx


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