Congratulations Sir Boyd

Does the name Boyd Tunnock mean anything to you? No, it didn’t mean anything to me either until yesterday.  I’ve never taken a lot of notice of the Queen’s birthday honours list and I wouldn’t have done so this year if I hadn’t seen an article written by journalist Jan Moir who describes the now Sir Boyd Tunnock  as the ‘Prince of the pleasure dome’.  The article brought back memories of the days when, as a young girl, I would return home from school for lunch each day.  After a sandwich or toast, there was always a choice of Instant Whip, or a Tunnock’s Teacake or Caramel Wafer.


It seemed as good as subject as any for a post, so I immediately went to Tesco for a pack of each, strictly intended as photography props, you understand. But how could I resist reminding myself of their scrumptiousness? Having done so,  I have to say that I am entirely in agreement with the teacakes ‘pleasure dome’ sentiment.  Filled with the softest Italian meringue (made to a secret recipe), other commercially produced teacakes with their gelatinous semi-solid mallow simply cannot compete. As for the Caramel Wafers, the sticky, chewy texture is exactly as I remember it – delicious! Well, you can’t sing the praises of something without proper, up to date research, can you?

Founded in 1890 by Sir Boyd’s grandfather, Tunnock’s remains a family business now employing six hundred staff, among them Sir Boyd’s children and grandchildren and continues to go from strength to strength. Following the company’s sponsorship of the 2014 Commonwealth Games they saw an unprecedented 60% rise in sales.

It was Sir Boyd himself , now 86 years old and still working, who invented the Tunnock’s Teacake which accounts for the largest part of the 10 million items produced each week; many exported to around the world. So even if you are one of my readers who is not UK based, you may be aware of Tunnock’s products. Do let me know.

With thanks to Ms. Moir for bringing back the memory and, of course, to Tunnock’s.

Only problem now is … someone has to eat the rest of them!


  1. I hadn’t heard of either uptil now, but now that I have, I’d really like a taste of both ☺️


    • It is a small circle of biscuit, topped with a dome of marshmallow, and encased in chocolate. Perhaps you have something similar but which has another name?


  2. There was a really interesting documentary about the Tunnocks company a couple of years ago, I’m sure if you googled it you’d find it. Also, frozen teacakes, discovered these when we were staying with friends, just pop them in your freezer and give them a try. Now it’s 8.31 a.m. and I want a frozen teacake, that doesn’t make me a bad person!


    • If it does, then I am a bad person too! I never thought of freezing a teacake – shame I didn’t save one to try! I’m going to look that documentary out and if it’s still available, I’ll watch!


  3. Good morning Eloise, yes I remember Tunnocks and still love the caramel wafers. In needs of research you can’t just eat one otherwise how do compare your findings I think it has to be at least 4 if not 6. Oh and look at that that’s just the right number in a packet isn’t it.



  4. I can get them here in Canada! WalMart of all places, in the “international foods” aisle.

    My husband and sons all love them. The dark chocolate versions are hard to find and much enjoyed.


    • Haha, I never thought of traditional British foods falling into the world food category in other countries!


  5. The teacakes were gorgeous, not had one for years. We had both those and the wafers when we were kids, I was never very keen on the wafers though.

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