The sweet taste of freedom

Free at last! I’m driving again. As I can now do an emergency stop (if I need to) I’m considered safe to be back on the road and I can’t tell you how good the wheels feel! Husband has been a willing driver but I confess to not having been a very willing passenger. The frustration was beginning to bite hard. If only I could walk as easily as I am driving. Although walking around ok (if uncomfortably) at home and at work, I’m still limping, and a relatively short time in town today was enough to make me realise that I have some way to go.  I’ll be off to the hospital in a week’s time for a follow up appointment.

Afterwards I went to the gym. Friend L has a birthday soon so she bought strawberries (and cake) in to celebrate. Cake and gyms aren’t the most likely bedfellows but as I’ve said many times, this is a gym with a difference.; it’s  a place for ‘real women’ with realistic lifestyles and that includes celebrating birthdays. A further celebration is planned for next week and then the following week we have Ladies’ Day to look forward to. No, not Ascot, but our gym equivalent ‘Ast-cot’. More to follow!

At midday I had a manicure appointment. Today’s colour is a new one – Biosculpture Toffee Apple. Deep reds tones are my favourite but thought this would be a nice summery colour.  A shimmery pinky-brown , it will be such a useful one. I love it already!

June nails

Of course when you’ve just had your nails done you need to limit activity for some time afterwards so instead of finding a hundred and one things to do as I might otherwise, I took the opportunity to settle down for the afternoon with a new book – a different kind of freedom i.e from chores!  It’s not my usual kind of book but I fell for the blurb and downloaded it on Kindle as it was free. It’s not great but it’s filled a couple of hours this afternoon. I’ll have an early bath soon and then we’ll watch Channel 5’s The Yorkshire Steam Railway which features the very steam train that we will be travelling on later this year.



  1. Love the nail colour – is it regular polish or a gel? I don’t have my nails gelled.
    Margaret P


  2. It must be wonderful to be driving again. I love driving and, for me, it’s connected to being independent. I have a bunion – ugh! The thought of being unable to drive means that I haven’t done anything about getting it sorted, as yet.
    Your nails look fabulous. I have serious nail envy!


  3. Glad to hear that you are able to drive again. Hope the follow-up appointment goes well, too. I like your new nail color. 🙂


    • Just polish, Margaret. I used to get them gelled but not for the past 10 years unless I’m going away for a couple of weeks and don’t want to be bothered with repainting


    • I’ve been driving for 45 years so it certainly has! Thanks – I’m loving the colour too


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