Busy doing not a lot

The bank holiday weekend passed quietly. We took a quick trip into town on Saturday morning so that I could go to the bank and building society, had a coffee in Coffee 1 and then popped to Home Bargains where, each month, I buy several packs of walnuts. We think that they’re the nicest ones around. One pack goes into my ingredients cupboard and the rest into the breakfast cupboard for Husband’s use. He eats some with his cereal (Shreddies or porridge) every morning. I also bought some lovely golden yellow roses which I cut short to fit a small ‘goldfish bowl’. The photo doesn’t do the colour justice. Usually I prefer white but the white ones didn’t look their best.  image

Younger granddaughter came for a couple of hours in the afternoon whilst her mum and dad were out. With a little help, she made a cake to take home. Covered in chocolate icing, she decorated it with small iced flowers and mini meringues. Yes, a strange combination, but she hasn’t yet grasped the concept of less being more. Meanwhile I made an orange drizzle cake.

Sunday was intended to be a day of resting the foot, which is frustratingly taking longer than I had hoped to mend. It aches continually and ‘locks’ if flexed too far. Ouch! However, I didn’t follow my own plan and was standing for some time doing the ironing and suffered later as it swelled up a lot. Later I watched the first episode of Gentleman Jack which we had recorded. I really enjoyed and watched episode 2 straight after. Husband said he could take it or leave it. When it came to the second part, he left it!  I’ve always like Suranne Jones as an actor, and the excellent reviews she’s received for this are, I think, well deserved. We stayed up late to watch the election results. I’ve always found it fascinating watching them come in.  This particular period in British history will certainly be an interesting one for future students to study!

Monday then HAD to be a day of rest so I spent most of it sitting down. I didn’t get up until nearly 10am and then made a couple of birthday cards. After that I read the Sunday papers and then finished the book I’d started on Sunday evening. It was ok, but it didn’t excite! And then today it was back to work.




  1. Sorry foot playing up, but perhaps you are on your feet too long at a time. But I know when you feel well elsewhere, except for The Foot, you just want to get on with things!
    The roses are pretty, but yellow flowers just don’t look right in our house, in any of the rooms, except when there are daffodils around, and even then I prefer the cream or white ones.
    I almost ordered that book this afternoon, what a coincidence, but after I read a bit of it online I thought it sounded so-so and didn’t bother. I am enjoying a Santa Monefiore novel (The Temptation of Gracie) right now after having enjoyed her novel, The Summer House, even though it was a bit over-long, I felt, for the actual story. Length doesn’t always a good story make, but perhaps her publisher expects 400+ pages as this is what they think her readers expect; you never know what motivates, publishers, do you?


  2. I think that’s a simply beautiful flower arrangement.
    My dad likes walnuts too – they are supposed to be good for something-or-other.


    • Apparently good for the heart, Joy. Eight days on, those roses are still looking ok for a couple of days yet.


  3. It sounds like you had a busy weekend. I’m glad you were forced to rest on Monday. 🙂 Hope you have a good week ahead of you.


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