A restful Sunday

On my feet (i.e. foot) too much on Saturday and was paying for it by the evening so I decided that Sunday should be a very restful day. For that, read unproductive or even lazy! I read the Sunday papers and then my book for a while. After that I took a brief look at the garden (only the patio area; I was too lazy to even walk to the top of it)…



before painting my nails…

May 20 Nails

and that was it. So much ‘doing nothing’ that I was exhausted and by mid-afternoon I was dozing in the chair. I didn’t cook anything for dinner and had leftover salad from Saturday’s lunch with my daughter and her partner, whilst husband got himself egg and chips (he did offer but I declined). It was good to have such a restful day but I’d hate life to be that quiet all the time. I’m a busy person and that’s the way I like it.

This morning (Monday) meant a visit to the doctor for the results of blood tests (I’d gone a few weeks ago because of a cough that I just couldn’t shift and she pointed out that it was some years since I’d had an ‘MOT’ so I had three vials of blood taken).  It was very reassuring to hear that I am neither diabetic or anemic, my thyroid is normal, my liver and kidneys are functioning as they should, and that all in all I’m pretty healthy! Interestingly whenever I go to the dentist he always asks whether I’m taking any medication and says in a surprised tone, “Well done!” when I tell him I’m not (apart from self-prescribed glucosamine and magnesium supplements).

Later I got my hair blow-dried and at 5pm I’ll be off to Slimming World. Then it’s back to work tomorrow. Busy or not, the days still fly by.




  1. I love berry colours. Am so impressed that you did such a wonderful job on your nails: not that I am surprised at you, but at anyone. It is an art which I have never yet mastered.


    • It does take practice. Even so, they look better when my professional manicurist has done them!


  2. Your restful Sunday sounds wonderful! I like your nail varnish color. I’m glad your blood test results were so good. I had some blood work done, today, myself. I am hoping my results will be good, too, as it would mean no further tests will be needed. Hope you have a good day at work.


  3. It’s nice that you had a restful day. Sometimes, we just need to take a day off. I hope your foot gets better. And, your nails look absolutely lovely. Enjoy your week. 🌸🍃🌸


  4. A restful day is what we all need from time to time and I’m finding I need them more and more! Your nails look wonderful, mine never look that good as they simply won’t grow properly, they have ridges and then split along the ridge, so they have to be kept short-ish. Is that our beloved Miami Beet polish? Still love it!
    Margaret P


    • Oh your poor nails. It’s a polish by Benecos called ‘My secret’. It’s a little lighter, more raspberry and than beetroot! Enjoy your restful days.


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