Family and friends

Forty years ago this week Britain’s first female Prime Minister was elected but in my little world something far more important was happening –  my eldest son was born. Yesterday, twenty of us (his siblings, their families and his partner’s family), had a fab lunch in a great restaurant. It was noisy – after all there were a number of little people, but there is little that I love more than seeing all my children and grandchildren together. It’s just the best thing,  but busy lives and the fact that they don’t all live locally means that it happens too rarely.


The foot is still uncomfortable though not painful unless I turn too quickly. The boot is restricting and irritating but it was of particular interest to the youngest of the children who each needed to look at it several times and were rather taken with the walking stick! It’s getting rather tedious – I do not like being dependent. I am usually flitting in and out all the time and being unable to drive is making me feel very confined even though Husband is willingly providing a taxi service. Friends reading this will be smiling knowingly – they know how much I hate being driven! Nevertheless I was grateful to the friend who kindly picked me up for lunch at a local pub on Friday.  It’s not easy to find any actual benefit in being laid up but I’m loving the flowers!


The pink and red roses from younger son  were combined with the  white ones from elder son and the white carnations and purple statice which came with the pink roses are now on their own in a favourite small gold glass vase. I’ve never managed to show in a photograph how pretty a colour it is. You’ll have to take my word for it! The lilies in the bottom picture were given to me yesterday and should open up just as the ones in the top picture go over.  Good timing, Daughter!

When Friend L visited she bought me a gorgeous nail polish and a new kind of remover for polish on toes! It looks super easy to use and I’ll feed back when I’ve tried it. I shall take the new polish with me when I go for a manicure on Tuesday. Of course, this was to be my manicure ready for my now cancelled trip to Ireland, as were today’s eyebrow wax  and the hair colour done earlier in the week. Never mind, at least I am a well-maintained invalid!

I also received a gift through the post; a very thoughtful friend sent me this book.  It’s set in South Devon, the part of the world in which she lives and knows that I love. I’m really enjoying it because it mentions places I know and more than once has had me daydreaming about the holidays we’ve spent in and around the area. Last year on one of those blisteringly hot days in July we were in Dartmouth and, in an effort to cool down, boarded a cruiser for a trip up the River Dart. When the author mentions the Royal Naval College (which can be seen high on the hill in the photo below), she had me right back there! This was the picture I took from the boat.


As well as missing being able to go out at will, I’m also missing staying in! That is – staying in the kitchen! I can manage to potter about a little but spending any real time in there is not practical. I have  a new cookbook that I want to try out, and there’s a yummy looking recipe for savoury muffins in the Sunday supplement today. Soon, I hope!

Frustrated though I am, there are things to be grateful for and as almost always these can be summed up in the short phrase – my lovely family and friends.




  1. A good time in spite of “the foot”! And a belated Happy Birthday to your son!
    Margaret P


  2. Glad you were able to enjoy a family gathering will all your children and grandchildren together. What a blessing! Beautiful flowers, too! Glad to read that the foot is healing well and you are being well looked after. 🙂


    • Thank you Bless. It’s so good to have them all together. Yes, getting there with the foot!


  3. How special to have all your offspring together. I get quite overwhelmed when it happens to me. Hope you are healing quickly xxxx


  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous time Eloise. You can’t believe your children suddenly are sooo grown up. I look at my eldest at 31 and think how did you get so old and grown up. It also means I have to start and act my age.



    • Even my baby is almost 33. Time is such a curious thing – it flies by in some respects and drags interminably in others.


  5. Pampering is good. It really lifts the spirits, I think. A slightly belated Happy Birthday to your son.


  6. It must have been wonderful to have all the family gathered together like that and a very Happy Birthday to your eldest.
    I hope your foot is much better soon, although it is good to read that it is now more of a nuisance and an irritant than it is painful. Hopefully a manicure will make you feel a bit brighter. X


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