My right foot

It was my intention to blog yesterday evening but I was feeling sorry for myself so snuggled up in the chair and watched television instead. The self pity was prompted by pain.  Pain which sent me to A&E at 7am this morning.  Six (yes, SIX) hours later here is the result:


Strapped up to the knee and walking (after a fashion) with a crutch due to a metatarsal fracture and tendon damage in my right foot; the same injury that kept Beckham out of the World Cup. I fell down the stairs.

I had six x-rays (suspected tibia damage too, but that was ruled out…just bruising) and an injection in my tummy to thin my blood. I have to go back for another one tomorrow (and to the doctors surgery thereafter for more), and to the hospital again on Monday to the fracture clinic.

The worst thing is that I cannot go on holiday in twelve days time because of the risk of DVT as I’ve had a blood clot in the past.

AND …….. the central heating thermostat is broken just as the temperature has dropped considerably.  I’m not a happy bunny!


  1. Oh, no. I’ve only just found this post and I’m so sorry for not expressing sympathy sooner. Rotten luck about the holiday too. I hope it all sorts (including the bruising and the blood thing) really quickly.


  2. So sorry to hear about your fall. And such a blessing you didn’t injure any other part of your body. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


    • Thank you Kavitha. I have had to strap my wrist too as it began to feel uncomfortable. Nothing broken there though, thank goodness!


  3. So very sorry to hear this, Eloise! I won’t say “take more water with it next time!” that would be cruel! Hope that you’re not in pain now and I’m sure husband is doing all he can to help you. Much love from husband and myself.
    Margaret P


  4. Oh no what a time of it you’re having especially having to rethink holiday plans hope things start to improve soon.



  5. I think you’re entitled to feel sorry for yourself under the circumstances, Eloise. I’m so sorry that not only will you have to defer your holiday but that the thermostat has broken as well. Talk about a double whammy. Perhaps you can catch up on some films, box sets, books etc? Although I’m sure you’ll have thought of all of these possibilities. Do hope you make a speedy recovery.


  6. Oh, no! I am so sorry! Hope they gave you something for the pain and you will heal, quickly. Hope, too, that the thermostat can be fixed, soon! Until then, wrap up warmly and rest your foot! Too bad about being unable to go on holiday, but, perhaps you can go on it a bit later, when things have healed?


  7. Hope your pain is not too bad and you recover quickly.
    Good news – the weather is due to get warmer next week.
    Take care. X


  8. Oh no, you poor thing! You have every right to feel sorry for yourself. I do hope you’ve got some strong painkillers and a good care giver.
    My very best wishes for a speedy recovery. X


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