The Easter break

I’ve been looking after my granddaughters whilst Mum and Dad were away for a few days – a belated celebration for my daughter-in-law’s 40th birthday.  I moved into their house (leaving Husband decorating at home ) as it’s easier than having them to stay. Money was left for treats and the first one (children’s choice) was a pizza delivery. Husband and I almost never have takeaways; fish and chips are an ‘always treat’ when holidaying in Devon but the last time we bought them at home was a good couple of years ago. And we had a Chinese takeaway in 2014! I only remember that because I’d just received a scholarship award at university and treated  the children and grandchildren. It was therefore something of a shock to discover how expensive takeaway pizzas are. A large one cost £19.99!  My son and eldest grandson often come for tea on Wednesdays. Requests vary: fish finger sandwiches, hot dogs or pizza. Having tried a few of the latter, by far the preferred option is the one from Iceland which costs only £1.  I’ve had the odd slice and can, with total confidence, say that it is much, much nicer than the takeaway one the girls chose at twenty times the price. To be fair, they loved the takeaway one but so far as I am concerned – never again.

Another treat (I can’t say that I was looking forward to it – three hours in a noisy play centre with two small girls – eight year old granddaughter and her chum) was a trip to the ‘360 Play Town’ which is housed above several shops in the town centre and has a ball park, climbing frames, carousel, pretend shopping units complete with dressing up clothes, a messy play area (sand, paint, glue) and a Lego den. When expectation is low it can sometimes happen that things are better than one thought they’d be. There are plenty of places for adults to sit and a small cafe area. The coffee wasn’t bad and the staff were friendly.  I was able to find a seat away from the centre of action where I sat and read the newspaper and later a magazine. As a bonus, the place wasn’t all that busy. It could have been worse.


On Good Friday we went out to a garden centre that has an outdoor play area.  The eldest granddaughter was far too cool to ‘play’ choosing instead to engage in a text conversation with her friend but the youngest got stuck in. Then we had ice creams (which are made on the premises and are delicious). On the way home we stopped off at a park.

On Saturday and Sunday the girls’ aunt had them to stay and I picked them up on Easter Sunday evening to take them back home for our last night together before the parents return. Mum had left the ingredients for an Easter egg hunt so before fetching them I had hidden the eggs and devised a selection of clues as to where they might find their bounty.  Even a 14 year old can be coerced into playing ‘silly games’ if the rewards are high enough! Given that I had finally got rid of those 100 Easter Eggs that had been sitting in the corner of my office for several weeks ( I distributed them to the various department managers and no longer had to look at them), now I was with the girls as they opened their eggs and I confess to helping them ‘taste test’! However, elder granddaughter  decided that she is not too keen on Easter Egg chocolate so asked to make Rice Krispie cakes.

Mum and Dad arrived back at 11am today and I’m now home (for a rest) and it’s back to work tomorrow, the Easter break over all too quickly. How lucky we have been to have had such fantastic weather for the entire Easter period.


  1. I’m sure your granddaughters had a lovely time with you while their parents were away. I’m sure you enjoyed it, too, but you were probably glad when their parents returned and you got to go back home!


  2. That was a very busy Easter, Impressive. I love it when children have all their different stages of growing and being. Being cool brings back many memories of my kids and grandchildren.


  3. What a lovely (exhausting) time you have had!
    I think all take-aways are obscenely expensive. I know they have to make their profit but really!


  4. I once phoned up a pizza delivery place, can’t think which one, but I was so staggered at the cost that I explained something like “What, SO MUCH for a pizza? I’m hungry but I’m not that hungry. Thank you!” And rang off! It’s a disgusting price and when I saw a delivery to a neighbour’s house where there were two adults and two children, I thought they must’ve spent the amount equivalent to what could fill the larder and the fridge for almost a week. Madness.
    But what a busy time you have had with the family, and what a lovely time the children have had.
    Margaret P


    • Haha, they probably still talk about you in that pizza place! I actually prefer cheese and tomato on toast to a pizza even though the basic components are the same. It’s a lot less expensive!


  5. It’s been stunning weather here too Eloise but now at 3:30pm it seems to be a little grey and slightly cooler.
    I’m doing the Ganma thing tomorrow and looking after my girls all day while their parents are at work.


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