A mixed bag

I’d just sat down to watch television when, suddenly, there was a flash of very bright light in the mirror over the fireplace. Before I could process what had happened, the loudest clap your of thunder I’ve ever heard had me ‘jump out of my skin’. Thunder has never bothered me (after all, it’s only the angels doing their gardening) but this time…Wow!  My phone pinged; a friend had thought it was a major traffic crash before realising that it had been thunder.  This morning at someone at work said that he’d been sure his windows had shaken but told himself that they couldn’t have done, and then his young son came downstairs and said that his bed had shaken!  Surprisingly, although it rained, the anticipated storm didn’t materialise.

Opening my email at work this morning I was taken aback to see that the usual dozen or so emails had multiplied to more than a hundred. On Thursday I’d placed an advert on one of the job sites for a temporary cleaner. A hundred and sixteen people had applied and the number grew steadily throughout the day!  I’d placed the advert for two weeks but will put a stop on it tomorrow whilst I plough through what we’ve got. I quite like the recruitment aspect of my job (anything from professional positions to HGV drivers , forklift operators and warehouse workers, office staff and cleaners) but experience tells me that at least two thirds won’t satisfy the criteria.

Slimming World taster sessions are always enjoyed by members. Each time the remit is different and with Spring now here and plans being made for summer, last night’s theme was picnics. My offering (right hand picture) was Cajun potatoes (the spices being the reson they look so dark in the photo) and 1.5 syn vegi tartlets using a pastry cutter to cut circles from tortilla wraps for the cases. These were pressed into bun tins and filled with a mixture of potato (pre-cubed and cooked) green pepper, onion and bound with a bit of beaten egg. Baked at 160 for about 20 mins. The ‘pastry’ went quite crispy but had softened a little overnight . However, they still taste good. In the photograph on the left you can see some boat-shaped tortilla ‘cups’  (2 syns each) filled with rice salad. These attracted a great deal of interest as none of us had seen them before. They are something I’ll definitely be buying as I really enjoy tortilla wraps.  The brand is ‘Old El Passo’.



Still on the subject of food, the new Pinch of Nom cookbook is now out.   I have deliberately not bought it so that I can add it to my birthday list. Daughter is good at buying recipe books for me!  Pinch of Nom began as a food blog by partners and ex-restaurateurs Kay and Kate. Within two months of starting their blog they had 8,000 followers.  The initial blog morphed into a weight loss one when they joined Slimming World and their recipes use some very inventive improvisation of standard ingredients and methods to make them SW-friendly.   The foodie photos are fabulous (link below) so I’m sure the book will be great.






  1. What a fabulous idea to use tortilla wraps instead of pastry. I will be trying that out.
    I treated myself to A Pinch Of Nom and am still at the drooling over the recipes stage. I will actually cook something out of it soon.


    • I’m looking forward to getting the book….though it’s a few months until my birthday. I always struggle to suggest gifts so I’ll wait! The tortilla idea for pastry opens up lots of possibilities, I think.


  2. Your veggie tartlets sound interesting! I never thought of using tortillas for “pastry”, but I shall be trying it, soon!


  3. The tortilla cups sound intriguing. Slimming World sounds interesting, too. Nothing like that in New Zealand except Weight Watchers, which I resolutely refuse to go to, having had 5, yes 5! failed long times of going.


    • I’ve lost count of the times I joined Weight Watchers. Slimming World is good but only if the member is good too. Sadly I am not very good at it 😦


  4. It’s strange how there can be a sudden thunder clap and then no storm to follow. A woman I worked with years ago used to say, “it’s the old man moving his furniture around” when there was thunder.
    The good looks good, Eloise!
    Margaret P


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