Saturday catch up

On my knees …..that’s how I felt after the busiest work week I’ve had in the eighteenth months I’ve been in my current role!  I’ve done several hours overtime this week. I only work (normally) sixteen hours a week and constantly wonder how I ever managed full time.  But no overtime on Thursday as I had an appointment at 2.30pm – a massage to smooth out all the knots. I’ve been going every six weeks to the same lady for the past seven years and she knows exactly the pressure I like. It’s amazing how ‘loose’ my shoulders feel afterwards. An hour later saw me rejuvenated  but so relaxed that on arriving home I promptly fell asleep in the chair!  Husband prepared a dinner of my favourite garlicky bruschetta with tomatoes, onions and Parmesan and afterwards we indulged in a rare dessert – a heavenly sticky toffee pudding. There was nothing that took my fancy on TV so I blogged for a bit, read for a bit, had a long soak in the bath and an early night. I’m back to taking a hot water bottle to bed since my night cramps unexpectedly returned with a vengeance last week.

I can’t pretend that I awoke refreshed on Friday morning; I don’t think I ever do and I take very little self-persuasion to have an extra half hour, but by 8.45 I was ready to go to my daughter-in-law for my Friday wash and blow-dry. From there it was off to the gym where I met up with friends and had my regular dose of ‘chat and laugh’. At midday it was time for my six-weekly eyebrow wax. It’s a five minute job so I was home by 12.15 to start some housework whilst Husband made a start on ‘spring cleaning’ the garden.

After a flick around with a duster my mind turned to a more pressing matter  – no, not the ironing – this job was to empty my handbag cupboard and look carefully through each bag to see if I could have missed my sunglasses the last time I looked. I’m feeling very despondent about this – they are prescription distance glasses which were expensive when I bought them several years ago in the days of a full time salary. I’ve had the lenses changed in them in the past because I love the design and have never found any that I like nearly so much. I mislaid them a while ago (I definitely had them on our last cruise in October)  but assumed I’d find them sooner or later in the sort of place I usually find things I’ve ‘lost’… like cupboards, drawers or the aforementioned handbags. No such luck and now I’ve even run out of improbable places. My prescription has changed again recently and I wanted to get the glasses updated. Few styles offered by optician’s are large enough to properly protect the eyes when used as sunglasses and those which are, I find too heavy-framed (the current fashion, but one I dislike) and lack the touch of bling I like too. I need glasses for driving and on the sunny days we’ve had recently have frustratingly had to wear my normal glasses.  Now it’s Saturday and one last look this morning has been no more successful so it’s crunch time; reluctantly I will have to go out and buy some new ones this week … somewhere!

On tomorrow’s agenda is food (when is it not?) At Slimming World we are having a taster evening on Monday and the theme is SW-friendly picnic food. I’m off now to rack my brains and come up with something a little less ordinary than hard boiled eggs or crustless quiche but before I go I thought  I’d show you this. I bought it to hang inside the fridge. I eat pretty healthily but a little reminder never goes amiss!




  1. Eloise I have just lost my sunglasses! They’re not prescription glasses but nevertheless they were good quality ones bought at my opticians. Looked everywhere but think they were lost out and about – visited several shops ad asked but no. What a thing! I share your pain!


    • Oh Penny, and I share yours! I’ve spent several hours this past week trying to find a frame that I like but there are very few larger frames around and the ones I’ve seen don’t appeal at all. I am feeling decidedly glum about this!

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    • Tattoos have become a bit of a boom industry here over the past ten years or so. Not for me, but I do have friends my age who have small ones here and there.


  2. Many women in New Zealand have their eyebrows tattooed on, as they get more sparse. It looks really nice and natural. But, I confess, not for me. When I get my eyebrows and eyelashes tinted, I’m so impressed at the new younger me.


    • I know what you mean; it definitely makes an improved version of me when my eyebrows are slightly darker! I did get them tinted for a while but reverted to a pencil. My daughter in law has her eyebrows ‘microbladed’ which is similar to tattooing but less permanent. Not for me either!


  3. I would have eyebrows waxed if I had any brows to wax! After chemo few hairs returned and those that are there now are white and wiry, so I pencil in lightly each day with a soft brow pencil. I’ve never had a massage – well, apart from a facial one for head and neck which was a freebie about 14 years ago. But I have regular hair cuts and blow dries, regular colouring of my hair, and manicures, podiatry and pedicures. Yes, we need more maintenance as we get older! Sorry about the sun glasses, but they might yet show up.
    Margaret P


    • I’ve had my eyebrows waxed for so long that I could probably manage now with just a pair of tweezers. I started off every 4 weeks, but then as they became more sparse I dropped to 4 weeks, and am now on 6 weekly appointments. I’ll review in due course!


  4. A regular massage sounds wonderful, especially after your hectic week. Is it me or do we need more maintenance as we get older?! I never miss my regular appointment with my hairdresser but I need to have my eyebrows shaped and a facial wouldn’t go amiss either. I understand your frustration over your glasses. I drive my husband mad with the number of pairs of glasses I have and misplace. At the moment, I’m searching for my engagement ring which I was advised not to wear in South Africa. I know I’ve put it in a safe place but where…?!


    • Oh yes, definitely more maintenance as time goes on! It’s about self-esteem.
      I have reading glasses downstairs and upstairs and in my handbag. Distance glasses are in the car and handbag. I also prescription have sunglasses in reading version and distance (except, as you now know, I don’t currently have the distance ones). I do hope you find your ring soon.

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  5. Weight watchers have a recipe for low fat cheese and chive muffins. If you google it, it’s there. Really nice too, have made them a few times.


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