There went the weekend

Goodness, don’t they come around quickly? And pass even more so!


After a day of ‘pottering’ on Saturday (I love to potter doing nothing in particular) and an hour’s less sleep due to the altering of the clocks to British Summer Time, on Sunday we called in to see younger son and daughter-in-law and the girls before driving over to see eldest son’s family. Even though it was his girlfriend’s birthday, she had invited us, and her own parents, for a Mothering Sunday lunch.

Mothering Sunday (though most people refer to it as the Mothers’ Day which is American and actually a different occasion altogether*) has its beginnings in a religious festival which falls three weeks  before Easter Sunday. Historically it was intended as the day on which worshippers attended their ‘mother’ church i.e. the church in which one was baptised or the nearest cathedral. later it became the day on which servants were given a holiday so that they could visit their families but today it is an occasion on which we honour mothers.  * America’s Mothers’ Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May and is intended to recognise and celebrate the role of mothers in society.

I was treated to tulips, roses and lilys with lisyanthus – my children know which flowers I love!  Plus a mug, some lavender pillow spray and an eye mask – all truly lovely and very gratefully received.

I also received  an Echo dot (Alexa) which I said was ridiculously generous but son reminded me that when they are away later this month, I am looking after my grandchildren. Alexa, in case you didn’t know, is a voice activated ‘digital assistant’ which can provide all manner of information. However, I was interested only for the music function. Not only can it be used to listen to radio stations, but plays any specific piece of music, song or genre of music that it is asked for.  We’ve tested this facility with some really obscure requests and ‘she’ has found every one.  It’s useful for the kitchen as I like to listen to music whilst I’m cooking and I was planning to ask for one for my birthday

And finally I’ve had a meal out this evening with my daughter as she wasn’t here yesterday. I feel blessed and well loved. What could be better?


  1. It’s lovely to be given flowers whatever the occasion 🙂
    I have an ‘Alexa’ I love it for listening to music while i’m going about me chores, it will also read my audio book to me too, (only discovered this recently), but the best feature I think is the shopping list, just say ‘Alexa add (whatever) to my shopping list, brilliant 🙂


    • I’d no idea about audio books being available; I shall be trying that. Thank you! Of course, if I’d read the instruction book, I may have known but I didn’t! I’m loving it for the music. Not tried the shopping list yet but it sounds a useful function.


  2. I am so glad you have explained about Mothering Sunday, I can’t stand it when people call it Mother’s Day, as it’s not Mother’s Day in the UK, that is American.
    Lovely flowers!!!
    Margaret P


    • Haha, we all have our pet hates! Another of mine is when people use texting shorthand in e-mails! And I can’t stand the use of ‘pressies’ instead of presents.


  3. Alexa. She eaves drops. Over here there have been reports of families mentioning specific products and then finding ads for them on their computer! Big sister really does listen.

    My sons gift me my hanging baskets on Mother’s Day. We aren’t frost free until mid-May! So they arrive at the right time.


    • As Alexa is linked to the same Internet as ones PC, and is voice activated, it seems reasonable to suppose that this would be the case, in the same way that Internet searches are picked up by keypad activated searches. I always switch off any internet linked devices when not using them, and do the same with Alexa. I’m horrified that few people seem to do this.
      Hanging baskets are a lovely gift, and one that can go on giving pleasure.


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