Midweek jottings

Tomorrow never diesIt was manicure day today and as I didn’t get home until late afternoon and like to be extra careful for a couple of hours (at least), Husband was in charge of dinner.  He decided on bruschetta with tomatoes, onions, chilli and garlic topped with Parmesan; my absolute favourite meal.  Nails were painted in OPI Tomorrow never dies, a discontinued colour from the old James Bond collection. It’s a deep purplish blue, not quite Cadbury purple. I don’t wear it all that often but when I do someone always comments on what a lovely rich shade it is.

Talking of Cadburys…..the view from my desk at work shows a car park to my left and a few picnic tables on a grassy rise. I often see the squirrels scratching around for some post-lunch crumbs,  but if I turn to my right this is what I now see:


You might not be able to work out what’s in those boxes at the side of the cupboard so I’ll tell you – boxes of Cadbury Easter eggs. A lot of Easter eggs. One hundred Easter eggs. And I’m a chocoholic. Goodness, the next four weeks are going to be HARD! I’m not quite sure how the distribution of Easter eggs to staff fell into the remit of HR but I sometimes think an HR manager’s role is to take on everything that doesn’t quite fit anywhere else!

I’ve now finished work for the week and have a busy day lined up for tomorrow – hair, gym and coffee with girlfriends, then lunch out with Husband and other friends. I’ll probably have a lazy late afternoon and evening watching some TV programmes that I’ve not had time to watch in the week.  Did any of my UK readers watch Cheat last week. Anything with Katharine Kelly in is generally worth watching . I enjoyed it very much although there were a couple of unanswered questions and we never did find out whether Rose cheated or not! Whenever I make comments like this to my brother, who has spent a lot of time on TV sets,  he just says, “It’s not real, it’s television.”

We’ve also been watching Motherfatherson, Richard Gere’s first TV serial. Although watchable, I’d hoped for better from a big-name movie star. I find him  wooden in the role and the reviews haven’t been great either. Pretty Woman, it ain’t! A new drama The Bay started last night. I’ve not watched this yet but it stars one of my favourite TV actresses, Morven Christie who played female lead in the marvellous A Word. I’m glad to read that a third series is being filmed. One more television reference – Line of duty is back very soon. The last couple of series have been excellent so I’m looking forward to it. After a dearth of good drama this past few months, it’s great to  have some interesting ones coming into Spring!

I need to make an effort over the weekend to catch up on some home admin. Bills to pay, letters to write, cards to make and a cake to bake.  I wonder what this week’s flavour will be.


  1. I haven’t watched any television for three weeks, having been out of the country. Therefore, I’m now binge watching all the series I have missed, like Endeavour and Shetland. If I have time, I’ll add ‘Cheat’ to the list and The Bay! I’ve got three weeks ironing to do, so I’ll probably watch Masterchef at the same time. How disappointing about Richard Gere. I must confess that I have always found him rather attractive!! I love, love, love Line of Duty and have watched every single series.


    • Love Masterchef (but never the celebrity version) and am an avid watcher. The reviews for The Bay are not great but I enjoyed it.

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  2. Oh, all that chocolate would be too much of a temptation to me! I’d have to invent a mouse or two to explain why there were bites taken out of a couple of the chocolates! LOL!


    • Lol, a mouse! Now there’s an idea. Actually, it’s not as bad as it could be – it’s all packaged in Easter Egg boxes, and then in sturdier boxes of nine. And I know it’s not mine.


  3. I have watched line of duty on Netflix and loved it. Keeps you completely engaged! Happy to know the new season will be out soon ☺️


    • I do love to have a good drama to look forward to. I’ve not met anyone who didn’t think that Line of Duty was good.


  4. Why are all those Easter eggs there at all? For the staff? I’m not keen on Cadbury’s chocolate so it wouldn’t pose a problem with me. If they’d been Lindt, that would’ve been a different matter!!!
    Not watched Cheat or the Richard Gere serial, neither appealed to me, nor does Pose, the first part of which is on this evening. But Line of Duty, that’s a totally different matter – thank goodness they have made another series, hope it will be as good as the last. Currently enjoying The Marvelous Mrs Maisel on Amazon Prime.
    Margaret P


    • Yes Margaret, they are for staff! How did I manage to omit the reason for having them? I do like Cadbury’s chocolate. Only a good quality dark chocolate surpasses it for me. I’m not keen on milk chocolate being too creamy and the ‘better’ makes usually are e.g I’m not at all keen on Galaxy. We don’t have Amazon Prime, but perhaps Mrs Maisel will be available on Netflix. We don’t watch a lot, even though it may sound as if we do with there having been some good dramas lately. In fact, we’ve only ever watched two things on Netflix! I’m not fancying Pose either.


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