Grape nuts

Grape nuts

Who’s heard of Grape nuts? Containing neither grapes nor nuts, I remember these horrid, tasteless little pieces of grit from the 70s when my mother-in-law used to buy them.  If your opinion of them was similar to mine then you too might wonder how they’ve managed to survive for over one hundred years as tastier, more visually attractive cereals come and go, for is it not so that we eat with our eyes as much as with our taste buds?  So how come I went out specifically to buy a box of this odious stuff yesterday?

Of late I have started eating overnight oats but I won’t be doing so again because I’ve found something that tastes much nicer … overnight grape nuts! I’ve heard this mentioned at Slimming World and dismissed the idea, but then a friend and fellow member told me that she’d tried it and that it was really good and retained a bit of crunch.  I decided to give a try and oh how I agree! It was (admittedly at a stretch of the imagination) like eating Scottish cranachan! I loved the texture – less sticky than the overnight oats – and with that little bit of crunch.

I put yogurt in the jar, topped it with 40g of grape nuts and added raspberries, always my favourite fruit, with a teaspoon of Natvia sweetener. Grape nuts will now be added to my monthly shopping list but I won’t be eating them as a conventional cereal. They are still tasteless and gritty!




  1. I must admit I’ve never heard of Grape Nuts and your post and the comments suggest that I haven’t missed much!! I do like the sound of the over night version, so I’ll give that a try.


  2. I had heard of them, anyone born in my era would’ve heard of them I think, but I’d no idea what they actually were and I know I’ve never eaten them.
    Margaret P


  3. Oh yes! Grape Nuts! My mother bought those all her life along with All Bran! I have inherited her tendency (!) but don’t buy either and instead sprinkle seeds over my muesli. Amazing that they are still around. Your recipe for overnight Grape Nuts sounds interesting – might try it!


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