Lemon and lime cake

For Sheila who asked for the recipe:

Lemon & lime cake


5 oz each of self raising flour, caster sugar (I use the golden variety) and fat (I use Flora buttery)

3 medium eggs

1 very loaded tablespoon lime marmalade (I think 3 level tablespoons would be about it).

1 small lime

1 small lemon

Cream the fat and sugar. Beat in the eggs, marmalade and grated rind of the lemon and the lime and the juice of half the lemon. Add the flour and mix. Bake for approx 30 mins at 160 centigrade.  Make a glaze by mixing fondant icing sugar with equal quantities of lemon and lime juice. Difficult to give a quantity for the fondant as I just add it until the consistency is right, bu as a guide it should be about as thick as un-whipped double cream when poured. Prick cake all over with a cocktail stick, and whilst the cake is still warm, smooth over the icing. It will run over the cake; I use the back of a teaspoon to ‘guide’ it.  It’s quite a gooey cake, but very light.

NB: I no longer buy unwaxed lemons and limes (which cost more) as I recently read that you can wash off the wax with warm water and a small vegetable brush.




  1. It sounds and looks delicious. I’m definitely going to try making this cake over the weekend, to replace some cookies I made the other day which were a bit meh! X


    • Oh dear Jules, it does sometimes happen that something just doesn’t turn out as well as hoped. I love to experiment, tweak and substitute but not everything is successful. It’s usually edible but I make a mental note not to bother again!


  2. Yum! I have lemon marmalade and lemons…this sounds like an ideal cake to use up both! Too bad I have to avoid eating cake!


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