Cloud bread: nil point, Brownies: 10

I didn’t expect it to taste like bread; I knew it wouldn’t but the picture of light, fluffy rounds in the Weight Watchers recipe did seem to offer an alternative and less calorific means of making a sandwich. It wasn’t a success. Once I’d scraped the barely risen yellow blobs from the oiled baking sheet I tasted a small piece.  An omelette that needed seasoning came to mind. I thought about trying again but decided that an occasional bread roll was a more appetising prospect.  I now have to think of a way to use two thirds of a pot of cream cheese and 95% of a pack of cream of tartar (of which I somehow managed to buy two).  I don’t recall ever having needed this ingredient before now.

The lemon and lime drizzle cake was a much greater triumph. Adding two heaped tablespoons of lime marmalade (an impulse buy) plus the juice and zest of one lemon to the usual sponge mixture, with a drizzle of lime fondant icing on top more than made up for the ‘bread’ disappointment. I pierce top of still warm cake all over with a cocktail stick and pour over a thin mixture of fondant icing sugar and lime juice which sinks through the cake. Even though I say it myself – it did taste good. I only had a very slim sliver. Lucky (slim) husband will eat the rest over the week.

I also recently made ‘three ingredient chocolate brownies’ from the marvellous Three Ingredient Baking by Sarah Rainey.


These recipes shouldn’t work  but somehow they do! I still have lots to try but I’ve been mostly impressed so far. A jar of chocolate spread, flour and eggs make for a very decent light chocolate sponge even if they don’t have the desired chewiness of traditional brownies. I’m thinking of up the recipe as a Black Forest round cake with cream and cherries next time I have guests.  I’m also planning on seeing whether the three-ingredient scones (made with lemonade!!!) really do work one of these days. I’ve made the honey and almond cake often, though I tweak this one by adding a few drops of almond essence and glacé cherries.

image blog is in serious danger of becoming a food blog. I’ll have to wrack my brain to think of something else to write about.


  1. Thank you so much for trying out the cloud bread and giving us your honest opinion about it! I have been trying to eat low carb meals, per my doctor’s orders. I read the recipe for cloud bread and, commented to a friend that it sounds like a cheese omelette! And you’ve confirmed it! I’m sure many of us don’t mind your blog becoming a food blog! I love reading about food!


  2. Three ingredient baking is a great concept. I must look out for the book. Isn’t it interesting how blogs develop? When mine began I tried to make sure that every single post was France related and now I wander off in all sorts of directions. You may have noticed! Whatever the focus, I enjoy reading your blog!


    • Thank you June. Likewise. I like it that the blogs I read are all quite different. Even without intending to, people definitely develop a style. I think of my favourite blogs as a group, like a magazine – a collection of articles about travel, food, lifestyle, anecdotes, fashion, garden, advice on all sorts and general interest, dipping randomly in and out.


  3. I tried cloud bread after someone raved about it but never again! It was in no way a proper substitute.
    I googled ‘ways to use cream of tartar’ and there’s quite a lot of info out there. Worth looking up if you have some left.


    • Some left? I have looked at a few recipes but most seem to require only half a teaspoon. I reckon I have enough to last the rest of my life!


  4. I tried the cloud bread….once. It was disgusting and would rather have a small bread roll now and again.
    I love blogs with recipes and I shall be looking for the lemon and lime cake recipe.


  5. Oh, I love the idea of three ingredient baking! So many recipes are so faffy that I get fed up even reading the list of ingredients, and isn’t there always something you don’t have or would find difficult to get? Or if you then got it, you’d never use it again!
    Margaret P


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