February food

March already – can you believe it? Following on from yesterday’s whipped goats cheese, here’s what else we’ve been eating in February.

Apart from the usual leek & potato soup (probably the one I make most often) we had Scotch broth. Often made with lamb, mine was the blind version. Lots of barley, savoy cabbage, onion, celery and carrot with a tomato base. It’s thick, filling and sufficient for a main meal.X1

I make a lot of meals which involve several chopped ingredients mixed on the plate: Bacon & mushroom hash mixed with leftover roast potatoes and cocktail sausages, warm flaked smoked trout with a balsamic glaze, and a warm potato, feta and walnut salad.


But I also make more traditionally presented food like this chicken with mushroom sauce:


Of course I like to make vegi food and husband joins me some of the time. One evening we shared stuffed mushrooms with cheese and onion, peppers with a spicy cous cous filling, and some sweet potato falafel with salad, and another time I filled little gem lettuce leaves with beansprouts, mushroom and chestnuts:


I made sweet & sour chicken (I meant to take a photo of the finished dish too but forgot).


And here is a slice of the orange marmalade and chocolate cake (the first cake I made with the adjusted quantities of ingredients 5,5,5 to 3 eggs) and which turned out to be really yummy. I can’t imagine that I will ever make a traditional mix 6,6,6,3 ever again!



    • Thank you Joy. I’m not ‘food artist’ but it does generally taste ok! I love watching Masterchef and often marvel at the presentation. Given endless time and plenty of ingredients that I could afford to waste, I suppose we could all achieve some stunning looking food


  1. It all looks very delicious! I am going to try something like those stuffed gem lettuce leaves! They seem very low carb, to me!


    • I also tried stuffing the remaining leaves the following evening with onion, tomato, garlic and feta and they were really nice but I forgot to take a photo of those


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