My kind of food

Dinner for me this evening was a whipped goats cheese and beetroot salad with a raspberry balsamic glaze, and it was delicious. Served with pea shoots (I often buy these in preference to rocket or other salad leaves), broccoli, asparagus and green beans, it was reminiscent of a wonderful starter that was on the menu one evening on our last cruise. Since  the cruise lines tend to follow a five-week menu plan, it wasn’t served again and I’ve been thinking about for ages but none of the local supermarkets sell golden or candy beetroot. Then I found both on the Ocado website. It was disappointing to find that the candy variety weren’t as vibrant as expected; one of them was plain white!  Although I’ve eaten them in restaurants, I had to look up how to cook them because I’ve only ever bought ready cooked red beetroot before now. I sliced and roasted them with some lemon infused olive oil. They tasted ok, but I think they should have been thicker slices, and the candy ones lost their colour altogether. How come they are so vibrant on Masterchef?  Candy beetroot is supposed to look like this!

Candy beetroot

Beetroot cooking tips are welcome!  The whipped goats cheese was very good. I mashed half a small pack with Total 0% fat Greek yogurt (a staple in my fridge) and seasoned with a bit of salt and black pepper and whisked it up. Served with some baked triangles of tortilla wrap, it was a meal that I’ll happily eat again. Just need to practice with the beets – there are plenty left.


My brother, who was visiting, looked unimpressed (as did my husband) and described my meal as ‘Devil’s food’ as they tucked into the cottage pie that they referred to as proper food.

Although ostensibly living with us at the present time, my daughter is away more often than she is here. When she is here she often buys food which she then fails to finish before she’s off again so it’s left for me to use it up. This week’s leftovers included an almost full packet of Mozarella slices (no problem) a packet of Quorn chicken style slices (Yuk…my no waste policy was abandoned here) and three quarters of a bottle of Pepsi Max. She and I have had many conversations about the evils of carbonated drinks and fact that they leech calcium from her bones (and, for that matter, the bones of anyone else who chooses to drink them) but does she listen? Of course not! What I don’t get is why an otherwise health conscious, wholefood eating, fitness orientated, intelligent woman ignores the well documented evidence and her mother’s concern!  I digress….back to her leftovers.

Her shelf in the freezer has had a few items for too long (There are two homemade curried bean or chickpea patties (my kind of food so I’ll eat those this week with a salad), four mini bhaji/falafel-looking things (I can see those off too) and half a box of frozen grapes dated September 2018! I like frozen grapes; I love the way they melt in your mouth – wonderfully refreshing in the summer but less tempting in February, so I pondered on what to do with them and decided to make a grape cake – I’ve never made one before. I’m now using my recently discovered recipe for all sponge cakes – 5oz each of SR flour, Flora and golden caster sugar to 3 eggs (but this time I didn’t add the 50ml of liquid that I’ve used in previous cakes as the grapes were frozen and would defrost as the cake cooked). I sliced the grapes in half,  added 4oz of chopped dried apple and mixed it all together. Success – a very juicy cake.

Monday was the day for the main shop of the month. I had received a generous voucher code from Ocado (I don’t use them often – only when they tempt me like this) so my Tesco shop was smaller than usual. I like to do food shopping so having it delivered on a regular basis wouldn’t suit at all.  However, I do get a ridiculous sense of excitement on those rare occasions when the Ocado man knocks on the door. I’ve usually forgotten that I ordered certain items and I like the surprise of opening each bag to see what’s in there! I’ve no idea how I managed to order two different types of cream of tartar (bought because I want to try a recipe for cloud bread – a very light bread as the name suggests). I’ll let you know how it goes.


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