A mystery tour

I took my granddaughter for lunch. She recently celebrated her fourteenth birthday and I said that I would treat her. She chose Littleheath Garden Centre,a few miles away. As garden centres go it’s not all that grand but it’s Orangery Cafe offers a good selection of food, always well presented and tasty.  I was surprised that Granddaughter should choose this particular place and asked her why. Apparently she likes the drive there as it’s through the countryside. Almost surgically attached to her phone and i.pad and obsessively interested in clothes shops, it’s a good feeling to know that she likes the countryside. She says that she enjoys how peaceful it is. A girl after my own heart!  After lunch she asked if we could go for a drive around the lanes instead of going straight home and off we went on a mystery tour, with her deciding whether we turned left, right or carried straight on. Despite never being more than a few miles from home, I found myself driving along narrow country lanes which I have almost certainly never seen before. We agreed that we’ll do something similar but a bit further afield one sunny weekend soon. (I’ll take the sat-nav just in case)!

Bentley map

My companion’s inconsequential chatter was a joy since she wears the mantle of a grumpy teenager very well (and a little too often).  She pointed out her favourite houses and told me that she would like to be an interior designer. She’s always looking on the Rightmove website and favours those houses which are beautifully presented and start at around a million pounds! So do I dear, so do I!!

Once home I helped her with her paper round (delivering the weekly free newspaper to the homes on her estate). She doesn’t like doing it but does like the money at the end of the month. I told her that this is a lesson in life – you want it, you work for it. The grumpy teenager resurfaced.

On Saturday I visited my eldest son and his family. It’s a journey which I really dislike but I guess the same applies – you want it, you work for it! It was such a sunny day, and warm too, so the little boys were able to play in the garden. Spring is definitely just around the corner.

I’ve posted pictures ‘from the back’ before. My son took this one of the little boys today. I love it! I can only imagine their awed faces.

Boys & Gruffalo





  1. I love the Gruffalo – such splendid books!
    A sat nav would be a very sensible idea, that’s for sure!


  2. We’ve got a Gruffalo lover in our house! Where is that statue please? We’re not too far from you I think, we’re Solihull side. I think the almost 3 year old’s head would explode if he saw that statue LOL.


    • It’s Cannock Chase, Savannah. My son lives not far from there. I’ve not been but I’d like to go next time I’m over there. Yes, just right for a 3 year old. My grandsons are 2.5 and nearly 4 (July).


  3. Glad you got to enjoy lunch out and a mystery tour with your granddaughter and visit your little grandsons, too. Their photo “from the back” is cute!


  4. I love the idea of your mystery tour and the great day you enjoyed. I hope your granddaughter had a good time
    It’s fun to be spontaneous at times, although the sat-nav could come in handy if you head a little off track.
    The photograph is so cute. X


    • It was a treat to have her a captive audience! Gone is the little girl who used to ask if she could have a sleepover at Nanny’s and a snuggle on my lap!


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