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Friday began with a hair appointmenty – a blow dry and a fringe trim. Daughter in law suggested that it was time for a ‘silver rinse’ since my blonde was looking a little yellow. This is the problem with not having naturally blonde hair. It’s in the process of changing to grey but apart from pure white temples, the rest is still about 50% brown. I veer between wanting it to look blonde and preferring it very silvery. All I need when in a silver phase is a couple of washes of  Charles Worthington Ultra violet shampoo and conditioner which builds into the perfect shade.

Friday should have continued with a gym visit but I ducked out. For new readers, (and I know there are some … I had 1,481 views one day last month!), I attend Gymophobics, a chain of ladies’ gyms aimed at the over 40s (very over 40 seeing that we have members in their 80s). It is a completely different concept to a conventional gym and with a much higher instructor-member ratio for individual help and advice. Here’s what it looks like in the exercise area. Personally, I prefer the coffee area!


I should really have gone because even though I knew some of my friends wouldn’t be there, there are always several people to talk to. It’s a very supportive environment and never frowned upon to politely join in with others’ conversations. If anyone has a problem or concern there’s always someone else who has been there before, and it’s a great place for replenishing reading material – both magazines and books. I always come away feeling better for having gone so feeling a little guilty for playing truant, I thought I should use the time productively so I did the top-up shop that would otherwise have been done on Saturday.

In the afternoon I attended the funeral of an ex-colleague with whom I worked for many  years. Only just before we both left the company did I discover that the wife of whom he spoke often was, in fact, someone I had known when we were growing up and who had lived just around the corner from me. The ceremony was a true celebration of his very full and active life and all the more poignant for it. It was the largest funeral gathering I have witnessed and I know that the family will have been so proud at the great esteem in which he was held.  It was good to meet up with many other old colleagues but we all said what a shame that these reunions so often only occur on such occasions. With their agreement, I am now responsible for arranging a lunch get together soon. I shall enlist the help of another ex-colleague and friend who is currently away on holiday!

Saturday dawned and it was sunny again, and quite warm, but I didn’t go out until late afternoon, when I was picking up my eldest grandson, as I had plans to do lots of small jobs. I wanted to clean and tidy the study/office, get some ironing done, make birthday cards for Granddaughter and Daughter-in-law who both have birthdays this week, tidy out my handbag cupboard (the real reason for this was to check through all bags to see if I could find my driving (prescription) sunglasses which went missing at the end of last summer) and to do a bit of essential sewing. Everything got done, and I even threw away a couple of old handbags and put another in the charity bag, but I didn’t find the glasses. I’ve looked in the various opticians for a replacement frame but not seen any that I like as much as the lost ones. I do have another pair but I’m not very keen on them.

Today I have taken the seat covers off the suite and washed them. Fortunately they can be tumble dried. If you buy an off-white fabric suite, be prepared for the washing! I don’t suppose that many people buy a new suite identical (in style, fabric and colour) to their previous one but that’s exactly what we did. Quite simply – we liked it. We gave the old one to someone who needed one a couple of years ago. Although about twelve years old, it was still in good condition and the covers on this replacement are definitely not wearing as well as the first.

And now I’m off to try a new recipe for an orange marmalade cake.

Cake update: a teeny-weeny piece was sampled! It just tastes like a regular orange drizzle cake, but extra soft and moist. Although not the most professional looking cake (my cakes are not made for their looks) my friend’s husband make some very positive sounds about the taste!



  1. I really like the sound of ‘Gymophobics’. Unfortunately, there are no longer any women only gyms in my area. Still, I go to a great Zumba class and we usually have a coffee afterwards which is always fun.


  2. Coincidentally I attended a funeral just today – the father of a former colleague/still a friend of mine. I felt so happy to be alive afterwards and it was a beautiful day, so on the way home I bought 2 bouquets, pink tulips and yellow roses , and also some of my favorite cookies! I heard on t.v. yesterday on a talk show that L’oreal Hair Care has proclaimed “Silver” as their new “hair color of the year”. How nice that you got all those chores done on your list. That’s a great feeling!


    • It never hurts to remember how lucky we are to be alive and why not treat ourselves? we’re worth it! How nice that older ladies who have naturally silver hair are at the forefront of fashion for once!


  3. Your tulips look so pretty and colorful! You had a very productive weekend! I’m sorry to hear your former colleague passed away, but good to hear that you are now planning a happier get-together with other former colleagues. Hope the week ahead is a good one for you.

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  4. Looks like a good gym, was quite hopeful when I googled ‘Gymphobics Midlands’ and saw a list but sadly, none my side 😦 Savannah


    • Oh what a shame. It’s a franchise so maybe someone will invest in the future. It’s a great place. My local one has won several categories over the years at the Fitness Industry awards.


  5. It was a silver shampoo morning for me today and a tiny dab of conditioner. It really does keep the brassy tones away and I am happy that I was persuaded to have highlights again as it also thickens my fine hair. I dislike the gym but love my Pilates class and also walk everywhere if possible. Cake sounds delicious but I am back to sugar free again.


    • I’ve been experimenting with using Natvia (a plant sweetener) in place of some of the sugar. I’m now using 50% sugar plus 3 level tablespoons of Natvia in some cakes. It works best in fruit cake. I used all sugar in the Orange cake as I hadn’t made it before. I think my fine hair looks thicker when lightened too!


  6. I think even I could be tempted by your gym, looking as attractive as it does. The ones near here are far more functional and nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing.
    I’m looking forward to reading how your cake turns out. I meant to make marmalade cake last week but, as I was short on time, I made my very simple, and favourite, weetabix cake instead. X


    • Weetabix cake is good. A friend of mine always brings one to Slimming World parties/ taster sessions. I like it made with Oatibix too. I just tried a very tiny taster of the orange marmalade cake. It tastes just like regular orange sponge but very soft and moist. I shall treat myself to a proper slice after weigh-in tomorrow! It’s a lovely gym…more of a women’s club with a bit exercise thrown in. Hope all is well with you.


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