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Stepping away from the kitchen didn’t last long, did it?  Once the Christmas goodies have all been eaten up and the regrets begin to niggle, so thoughts turn to holidays and Slimming World groups attract a fair number of new members. To demonstrate how easy it is to make ‘free’ food fabulous, a taster session was held at our group this week.  All dishes had to be ‘syn-free’.

My contribution was a large pan if vegi chilli, popped into the slow cooker an hour before group so that it could be served warm. I find the slow cooker excellent for keeping things warm but I don’t cook in it because I don’t like slow cooker food. I also took spicy potatoes.



Despite the fact at I am not the greatest advert for Slimming World, I wholeheartedly advocate this as a sensible eating plan. Tody at work I managed to resist a magnificent fresh cream and strawberry chocolate cake made by a colleague.  I felt very virtuous.

Calling into my son and daughter in law’s house late this afternoon, I found my son making his own Yorkshire puddings to go with the pork dinner he was cooking. Who says Yorkies should be limited to beef? I love mint sauce but never eat lamb. His wife said that she’ll miss him when he goes back to work later this month because, since he’s been feeling better (following the dreadful time in November when he was so ill)  he’s been cooking some fabulous meals. He makes a pretty wonderful Key lime pie too.  Although he vehemently denies the comparison, his wife says he is like me in many ways . I can’t see it either but he’s definitely developing a fondness for cooking.

I’ll be eating out twice this week, and entertaining twice so there will be challenges in keeping the intake low, but I will keep reminding myself of what a fellow member said last night: “There’s  nothing I want to eat more than I want to lose weight”.




  1. the weight thing is a trick and a treat, I think, Eloise. I am stuck at the same weight with blood sugar rising and falling. I’m wanting to ‘take myself in hand’ and ‘sort myself out’. There is no Slimming world in New Zealand, and because I was a serial failure at weight watchers (5 separate joinings) I never want to know them again. I went when they were pushing all of their processed rubbish, put on extra weight….. gggrrr. Am aiming to just Eat Real Food which I was doing before dieting, when I was slim.


    • That’s what I like about SW – in the main it is about good food and a balanced diet, but they too have their ready meals on sale. However, the ingredients list reads well compared to other similar brands.


    • Glad it’s not just me, Margaret. Yorkshire pudding and mint sauce with onion gravy – now there’s a combination!


  2. That chilli looks delicious. My downfall is my sweet tooth. I’m also not as active as I used to be but haven’t adjusted my food intake accordingly. X


  3. Both your dishes look wonderful! Especially the spicy potatoes! I am trying to eat “low-carb”, on doctor’s orders, to keep my blood sugar under control. So, I’ve been trying to avoid potatoes. Even the beans and chick peas in your chili would be considered as “starch”. Glad to hear that your son is recovering well. He sounds like a wonderful cook, just like his mother!


    • Yes, although potatoes and beans are considered good in terms of fibre, vitamins and minerals, they are very carb-heavy. It’s a never ending problem to adjust one’s diet when we have ailments requiring specific restrictions. When my brother comes for dinner I have to cook dairy-free because he had his gall bladder removed.


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