Back in the old routine

Routine – a much maligned word often spoken of in terms of being somewhat boring. But I like routine; it gives structure and a framework within which I can organise my life. So, although I didn’t want to return to work, in all other aspects I am pleased to be back in my usual routine – not least eating more sensibly. I’m hoping that my 3lb gain will have turned into a minus figure (no pun intended) when I get weighed on Monday.

Yesterday morning I left the house at 8.50am and went to the gym. Not only did I complete the circuit but I did a mobility class too and was on my first cup of coffee before some of my friends had even arrived! After numerous ‘Happy New Years’ and lots of catching up, I left at 11.15 to get my hair blow dried. I now remember why I hated it last time I had it cut this short – I just can’t make it look right. Everyone was complimentary but I didn’t feel it looked as good as when my daughter-in-law had done it. As she often points out she has over 20 years experience and does hair day in day out. It stands to reason that she will be better at it than I am…lots better. I do like it short, but only on days I’m having it done. It therefore looks at its best only twice a week!

Hair coiffed, I did a basket of ironing (you may recall our barter system) and then it was hugs all round (granddaughters have not yet returned to school and son will still be off work for a few weeks yet after his stay in hospital). A quick trip to the supermarket for just a few essentials followed and then home where I caught up on a few admin tasks.

Reader Ratnamurti asked recently what kind of cards I make. I used to sell them at the gym and give the proceeds to charity (split between Crohns & Colitis UK and Cancer Research (the Gym’s charity) but time constraints meant  that I’d stopped some time ago and only made them for my own use.  However, I hadn’t made any for ages, using up those that I already had and even buying a few when needed. Part of the reason is that I have given over my writing (and card making) desk to my daughter who is staying with me for a while and, in theory, works from home. The reality is that more often prefers to work from Costa or some other such coffee shop so actually doesn’t use the desk all that much. Since card making on the computer desk is not practical I re-installed myself at the writing desk and made a few cards ready for the coming months. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy it.  Here are the fruits of three hours labour. Some look a little hazy due to the camera flash on the cellophane sleeves.




  1. What splendid cards. Lucky recipients, whoever they might be.

    How did the weigh in go? I’m also very glad to get back into routine again. Everything slots back into its rightful place again, including the eating. I’m not sure how much I will have lost this week but I am so glad the better habits have returned with the more ordered routine. A great relief.


    • Thanks Joy. I lost a pound. Considering we were out to lunch on New Year’s Day and for our anniversary I was ok with that, but hopeful of a little better next Monday. Viva an ordered routine!


  2. Eloise,
    I love your cards they are so creative and colorful. Are you using water color or acrilic?


    • Thank you for your kind comments, but goodness me I am not that creative! Mostly I cut up bits from old cards (friends save them for me), calendars and even magazines and reuse/ reconfigure them, adding embellishments if appropriate.


  3. I like a bit of routine, too. Not too much these days as I no longer go out to work, but it does book-end the day, a bit of routine.
    Short hair isn’t easy, I’ll give you that. I wash and blow dry my hair every single day and have done for donkey’s years. But it doesn’t take long and I don’t feel either clean or tidy unless I do this.
    I love your cards! Some card-makers make then nicely, but they tend to add too many bits and bobs and in the end they look home-made rather than artistic and/or professional. I do think less-is-more when it comes to card-making, unless it’s a pop-up card or something really complicated. But yours are a delight!
    Margaret P


    • Thank you, Margaret. I’m not a lover of too much in the way or bits and bobs either! It makes cards look as though made by a six year old. I like the book ends analogy. I like my week to be book ended.


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