A lazy day

The last day of my Christmas break – back to work tomorrow and not feeling happy about it 🙁. Still, only one day this week.  I read in bed after waking and didn’t get up until almost 10am. A typically dull January day greeted me. I’ve often wondered since why we chose to get married on 2nd January and why we didn’t wait until the spring.

We had intended going to Worcester to celebrate our wedding anniversary at our favourite place to eat – a Mediterranean tapas restaurant. I am particularly fond of Worcester but the thought of walking from our usual car parking spot near the river didn’t appeal and, knowing that they’d be full of overflowing sale rails, even the lure of shops didn’t encourage me. Husband didn’t seem overly bothered when I mentioned perhaps deferring The Olive Branch until a day when I felt more enthusiastic and the shops had been restocked.  He suggested that, using a Christmas gift voucher we’d received, we could instead try The Red Lion in Alvechurch, a sizeable village a short drive away. We’d not been to the pub for years as it had gone downhill but knew that it had recently been refurbished.

In fact, it didn’t look much different to the last time we’d been there. A new carpet was evident but other than that it appeared largely unchanged. It was never a matter of poor surroundings that called a halt to our visits, more that the quality of the food had deteriorated. It was still inviting and offered several cosy areas, some with open fires.


We both chose cod and chips, standard for husband but I had the smaller portion of  goujons (well, I did return to Slimming World on Monday with  3lb Christmas gain so need to make some kind of concession). Both were pronounced excellent and we agreed that these surroundings were  more ideally suited to the weather than the more formal restaurant we had originally chosen. We decided against dessert both citing the fact that we’d eaten a lot of pudding lately, including yesterday when we’d been invited for a New Year’s Day lunch to eldest son’s. Daughter in law had cooked a lovely roast dinner (I took some home made nut roast) and there were yummy cherry pie and cheesecake puddings followed by a cheeseboard.

We returned home, had coffee and since then I’ve been lazing in the arm chair with my feet up reading the newspaper and then my book. I’m even typing this on my iPad instead of making the effort to go upstairs and sit at the PC. I have ironing to do, I could make the birthday cards that I need for January or I could force myself to do any one of the number of other tasks that need tackling. Instead, I think I may watch the Torvill and Dean film I recorded last week. Or maybe I’ll just carry on reading.  I might even have a bit of a snooze. My last free day, my choice. Oh, the rare joy of a lazy day.

Just for the record, WE didn’t choose to get married on 2nd January. It was me – I take full responsibility. It was some time in November and I was shopping in town. We’d talked about getting married but done nothing about it. I can’t remember why, but I was near to the Register office and thought I’d pop in to check the costs and what we’d need to do. I got carried away and when (the now) husband came home, I told him that I’d booked our wedding for 2nd January. “Why then?” he’d asked. “Because they’re not open on 1st,” I replied.




  1. Happy Anniversay to you both. We were married on Christmas Eve 1971 simply because it was the first day of the school holidays! We also have a voucher for a local cafe bar but will wait til everyone has gone back to school/work to spend it! I enjoyed Torvill and Dean although it was a bit long.


    • Thank you Cariona. I like your reason for choosing that date – it’s as weird as mine!I enjoyed the film but thought it would have been nice to mention in the text afterwards what had happened to the partnership.


  2. Oh, your last like, your wonderful punch line, made me laugh out loud, Eloise! Happy wedding anniversary to you and your husband! Is The Olive Branch a chain of tapas restaurants as there is one in Newton Abbot, and I think I’ve seen them around in other places. I’ve never been in a tapas restaurant, so perhaps that is something I will change in 2019! About time I sussed out somewhere new to eat (inexpensively but good, if those two things can be mentioned in the same breath.)
    Margaret P


    • I wasn’t aware of the Olive Branch being a chain so I’ve looked at the menus of a
      couple of others, and I don’t think it is. We love it there -lunch offer consists of 5 tapas dishes (ample for two ) for £25 . I’ve introduced several others to it and they all love it too.


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