Moving on


The latter part of 2018 brought stress like we’ve never known. All three of my children have, in completely different ways, had a difficult time this year. Their stress became my stress, their pain my pain. I’ve worried and cried and railed against the injustices and happenings that I was unable to control so now I’m shouting a loud and clear GOOD RIDDANCE to 2018.

No resolutions and no beating myself up because I haven’t achieved what I want to  – just wishing you all a very Happy New Year and welcoming 2019 with renewed hope……

…..and, having ditched the long bob, a new shorter, choppier hairdo!





  1. I’m sorry 2018 was such a bad year for you and your family. Here’s hoping that 2019 will be a good one for everyone of us! Happy New Year and all the best to you and yours!


  2. Your new haircut looks very smart!
    My best wishes for the new year. May it bring you and your family good health and happiness..


  3. Yes, let’s hope that 2019 will be a good year for you all, Eloise, and boy, do I like the new hairdo!!!
    Happy New Year, dear friend, to you and your husband and family.
    Margaret P


  4. Your hair looks lovely, Eloise. I’m sorry you’ve been having such a difficult time. They never stop being children just because they’re grown up do they. Sending you my very best wishes for the New Year. X


    • Thanks Jules. I just woke up with a strong need for change so took the plunge without giving it much thought! You will find out in time that you’re absolutely right – Lily will always be your baby even when she has ones of her own.


  5. So sorry about your year – it sounded horrid so yes – good riddance. However, not entirely sure that 2019 is going to be all that good. But what is THE most important thing? Family. And next? Their health and wellbeing. All the very best to you Eloise and carry on writing!


    • So long as my family are Ok, Penny, I have little energy left to be overly bothered about the bigger things in 2019. I’ve spent years worrying about those things and finally realised that I can’t change any of them – not one jot. As you say, family and their health and happiness are the most important thing. A Happy New Year to you

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