Four days of Christmas

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On the first day of Christmas, which in my book is Christmas Eve, I was up early as I had a hair appointment at 8am. By 9.45 I was at Slimming World (brought forward from it’s usual 5.30pm slot because, seriously, who would…?) where I was covering weigh-in. We had two people reach target – what a Christmas present – and several excellent losses. I lost a pound. Slow and steady is fine by me although I’m already wondering what the damage will be next Monday! Despite the fact that I was ‘working’ it was a jolly time with everyone in good spirits.

Step-son no.1 and family called in for an hour after I got home and then Daughter arrived after several days away so we prepared the vegetables for Christmas Day together, plenty needed as there would be seven of us. Shortly before 3pm Husband And I set off to walk to my friend’s house which for me is a Christmas tradition of almost thirty years. Husband started accompanying me a few years ago. It’s the only day of the year that I drink anything approaching a ‘normal’ persons’s alcohol ration.  Arriving home shortly after 6pm I laid the table for our Christmas Eve tapas meal for Husband, Daughter and myself. I remembered with more than a little nostalgic longing, Christmas Eves of the past: new pyjamas, a carrot and a saucer of milk for the reindeer, a whisky and mince pie for Father Christmas and dire threats of “he won’t come if you don’t go to sleep,” as I shouted up the stairs. There’s nothing quite like it, is there?

On the second day of Christmas (Christmas day)  it was lovely to wake up with my daughter there for Christmas Day; it’s been a few years. Husband, daughter and myself opened our gifts to one another and later younger son, daughter-in-law and my two granddaughters arrived With the granddaughters’ agreement we delayed the further present opening until after we’d eaten. It worked much better than trying to see what everyone had whilst juggling turning the roasties!

On Boxing Day step-son no.2 and his family arrived for a couple of hours in the morning, closely followed by my elder son and his.  Again we opened presents after lunch, though this time the two younger children (ages 2 and 3) were not quite so keen to wait! I prepared a hot and cold buffet lunch including a side of salmon and which I enjoyed so much more than the turkey and gammon we’d eaten the day before. I had found myself thinking that I actually didn’t like it very much. Trying a turkey sandwich later that evening and finding myself unable to swallow it, I decided in that moment that pescatarianism beckoned. It’s been hovering in the wings for a while. For a gravy-type dinner which does not lend itself to fish, I shall cook my blog-friend Margaret’s nut roast.

So here we are on the fourth day of Christmas and all I wanted was to HAVE A REST !  So I did – a lie-in whilst I read my new book (the latest Comoran Strike book, Lethal White by JK Rowling. I love the chemistry between the two key characters, Strike and Robyn), then a very light breakfast. After three days of over-indulging, it’s back on plan and hoping that I can weigh in on Monday with at least a ‘maintain’.

This year I am organising a Slimming World post-Christmas Food bank collection so I packed up the unopened goodies ready to take there. I then assessed the fridge leftovers and made the base of three individual turkey & ham pies (not for me, obviously), grated some cheese for use in future recipes and portioned up various desserts. The freezer is looking good for January and food shopping will be limited to fresh fruit and veg, milk and bread for a while. The only thing that has been wasted is a small amount of fresh cream.

This afternoon my youngest granddaughter came to visit bringing her new DVD which I had said I’d like to watch, We snuggled up under a blanket and watched it together:

Z peregrine

After that I put away my Christmas presents, thinking how very lucky I’ve been. As well has having money to spend (not in the sales as I hate shopping when the shops are heaving with people wandering aimlessly amongst the racks are overflowing with uncoordinated leftovers), I had some gorgeous gifts including several of my favourite brands. Thank you to my lovely family members for being so thoughtful and for knowing me so well!

Favourite perfumes, Benecos nail polishes in two gorgeous colours and eyeshadow, and my always-worn Bare Minerals eyeliner and a palette of their new blusher/highlighters.



Divine lime leather gloves (can’t wait to wear them) and a very thoughtful copy of Kit Williams now out of print Masquerade – both items which I have blogged about – bemoaning the fact that I could not find lime green gloves and that I had lost my copy of the book).



My favourite skin cream (which I can only occasionally treat myself to).

Z filorga

Christmas could have been so different this year. As a family we have endured some difficult and worrying times so to see them all, and to know that the worst of 2018 is hopefully now behind us, made Christmas together all the more special.

Footnote added on day 5: the ‘back on plan didn’t go too well. All was ok until the evening when I got a calling for cheese and crackers. Today it is then…..


    • The gloves are gorgeous, June. I want to wear them everywhere! I enjoyed the book; want to see it on TV now!


  1. I’ve caught up on your blog! I have enjoyed reading all the blog posts leading up to your Christmas and it sounds as if you’ve had a lovely Christmas with your family (even if you didn’t care much for the turkey! LOL!)

    I wish you and yours a very happy and blessed New Year, Eloise. May the coming year be a good one, filled with love, laughter, and happiness, and good health. Wish you all the best!


  2. Such a lovely Christmas! The gloves are to die for but I’d have to buy a new coat to match them. I’ve been reading Miss Read books too – there’s almost always a chapter about Christmas!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year and I’m sure the weigh in will be fine!


  3. I do agree about the chemistry between Strike and Robyn in the Robert Galbraith books – sometimes I don’t always follow the plot so well as I am so anxious to see where their relationship goes!


  4. I’m so glad you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, Eloise. Your gifts are lovely and your time spent with family even more precious.
    I had a sort out of my kitchen cupboards and fridge freezer yesterday. We didn’t have any waste but it was good to see what we do have left, so that it can all be used up. I just need to sort out the rest of the house now – it looks like a whirlwind has been through it.
    My very best wishes to you and your family for the New Year. X


  5. My goodness, what a busy time, you deserved our rest! I love the lime green gloves. I looked for lime green ones but I wasn’t keen on the particular shade of green in the M&S range and didn’t go anywhere else. John Lewis is in Exeter and that’s a trip too far at this busy time of the year. I like to try gloves on, but I did have success a few years ago with some lovely Ted Baker gloves.
    I can’t wear eyeliner now as I can’t see well enough to apply it! Shame!!!
    I don’t know any of those fragrances (or put it another way, I’ve not smelt any of those fragrances). I’m still using my Chanel 19, L;Herue Bleue (Guerlain) and a couple of Hermes’ fragrances, Caleche and 24 Faubourg. Still love them! Oh, I had some lovely L’Occitane things for Christmas, including a lovely Vetiver eau de toilette.
    Margaret P


    • I do like the L’Occitane perfumes. I’ve been using Chanel Allure since it was introduced in 1996, and Giorgio Beverley Hills since 1990. These are my staples though there are several others I like. M&S have never produced a leather glove in the right shade of green which is strange because I have loved almost all of their colours.
      Have you ever tried the magnifying glasses where one lens can be flipped up to help with applying make-up? I have seen them advertised but don’t know if they work.


  6. Great to hear about your Christmas. I was so pleased to have the family around the table on Christmas Day but, I never ever want to see turkey again. This thing about food at Christmas – I can’t do it! Had baked beans in toast for Boxing Day dinner and loved it! If I have to do the Christmas meal again I shall cook beef – maybe a Beef Wellington – but not turkey!!! Happy New Year x


  7. I have a pair of gloves in a very similar green! They brighten up a dark coloured coat like you wouldn’t believe. Enjoy them.

    Good luck with the weigh in next week.


    • I have a scarf the exact same shade so looking forward to being bright! Perhaps I am being a little optimistic hoping to maintain but I’ll keep hoping!


  8. Glad you had a lovely Christmas with all your visitors. I’m going to look in John Lewis for the gloves as they would match my jacket perfectly. I’ll then tell DH he bpught them for my birthday!


    • An excellent plan Cariona! I did something similar with a jacket before Christmas as I would get then joy ent of wearing it out to pre-Christmas functions!


  9. So lovely to read your Christmas blog. Glad you had a good time. We did too. It is so nice to see the grandchildren at such a joyful time.
    Happy New Year to you all. Xx


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