A Christmas party

I hate driving in the dark, am a terrible passenger who dislikes being driven by someone else, don’t like the cold, damp, rain, snow or ice and so avoid going anywhere after 4pm in winter whenever possible. That said I am a very sociable person, love meeting friends for coffee or lunch and even going to the gym (though regular readers will know that it’s the company and not the excerise that appeals). So the fact that at 5.30pm on Monday evenings every week I drive a couple of miles to my Slimming World group may come as a surprise. I could find a morning group and in fact I did try a couple but it wasn’t the same. I like THIS group. I am one of two members who do the weighing. As many as 100 come through the weigh-point though only half of these will usually stay for the IMAGE therapy (Individual Motivation and Group Experience).  Tonight around sixty weighed in, about two thirds of them staying. Other long term members help with running the shop, taking payments, preparing the award certificates and running the weekly raffle whilst our consultant welcomes new members and takes them through the programme. She refers to us as ‘The Dream Team’.

This evening, after weigh-in and instead of our usual meeting, we had our Christmas party.  Members bring in ‘free food’ or low-syn dishes. My contribution to the party was a St. Clement’s not-a-trifle  (9.5 to 12.5 syns for the entire dish) and spicy potatoes (syn free).



Both dishes went down very well. I was especially pleased with the dessert because it was an experiment. For any Slimming World members who are interested, here’s the recipe:. Make up a packet of sugar -free orange jelly (2 syns)according to instructions and pour over either two segmented satsumas (free) or drain a small tin of mandarin oranges in juice( 3 syns). Leave to set. Makeup another jelly (2 syns) and into this one whisk two Muller Light Orange or lemon yogurts (1 syn each). Pour on top and leave to set. Spread one small tub of 0% fat Greek Yogurt over the top and then crush half a box of M&S ‘Super mini lemon meringues’ (3.5 syns) and sprinkle on top.

The spicy potato  recipe comes from an old SW Christmas recipe book. Cut potatoes into small chunks and coat with a mixture made from 8 tablespoons of passata, 2 teaspoons each of cumin seeds, black onion seeds, paprika and a sprinkle of salt & pepper. Roll the raw potatoes in the mixture and lay them in a single layer on a baking tray and spray with fry-lite. Bake at 200F until cooked through. They look a bit burned but they’re not; it’s just the coating. I often take these to an SW taster session (we have quite a few) and they always go down well.

ZZZ Potatoes

Here is the party table before everything was added. My friend and I agreed that tonight’s was the best selection we’ve had.



  1. Those dishes look absolutely wonderful – what a fantastic spread! Thanks for the recipes – I will copy them down.


  2. What delicious dishes you make Eloise. It’s enough to give a person food envy. I went to Weight Watchers five times, spaced over several years. I felt such a serial failure. When I first started I was at the perfect weight, looking back. I put on 3 kilos. I swear that each time I went back to another round of WW, I put on more weight. And they pushed their highly toxic artificial food, which really messed with my head and body. One fantastic group leader told me not to touch that food, eat normally & just count the points. Another did show me how to allocate food groups. So, SW sounds great, and inspiring. It’s not in New Zealand, but I am finally down a size.


    • I’m a serial failure too, Ratnamurti. At least, I am in terms of reaching my target. However, if I didn’t go I’m sure that I’d put on more weight, so if we consider success to be exercising a reasonable control, then I’m a winner!


  3. Oh, what wonderful recipes! And all that food looks so good! I still hate going out at night and no longer do so. To think we used to even go to the theatres in Plymouth or Exeter in winter and drive home late at night, often in torrential rain or even fog! Not any more. I feel we miss out a bit, but being at home on a cold, wet night is much more preferable these days although I know I’d enjoy meeting up with friends as you do. Maybe I ought to join a gym, ha ha!
    Margaret P


    • Stick to lunches out , Margaret! Night driving didn’t used to bother me until a couple of years ago but I avoid it now. Even when Husband offers to drive, I still prefer winter evenings spent indoors. I only attend the gym during daylight, our local arts centre has films on a Friday morning, and as for the theatre – we go for summer time matinees so that it’s still light when we leave! If it is necessary to be out in the evening, eusually book a night in a local hotel so that we can travel both ways in daylight. I


  4. It looks like you enjoyed a good spread. I always hear how delicious Slimming World recipes taste and the way I am at the moment, I will be trying some out for myself in the New Year. X


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