On a cold and rainy Saturday

Plans for Christmas shopping went somewhat awry this year. I like to get more or less everything bought and wrapped within a week during November but the week I had booked off work got filled with hospital visits and so the shopping has been fitted in here and there, and the wrapping done in odd moments, one or two gifts at a time. With six children between us and their families (partners and 11 grandchildren) it takes a lot of preparing but last week’s efforts and those made this weekend have seen the shopping and wrapping completed. I like wrapped gifts but I’ve used a few gift bags for speed and ease. I was rather taken with this one.


Christmas food shopping is following its usual format of three lists: cupboard, freezer and fresh. Three separate trips take place; I find this more manageable. The cupboard shop is done, the freezer shop will take place this week  and the fresh/fridge shop will be completed on Sunday 23rd.

On Monday we have our Slimming World Christmas party so I need to factor in some time in the afternoon to work on my contribution. I haven’t yet decided what it will be but I’ll have a think this evening and no doubt it will necessitate a quick trip to Asda tomorrow, not my favourite supermarket, but the most convenient.

It’s now 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon. It’s blowing a gale outside –  windy and raining. Husband is at a local football match with his son and grandson. The phrase ‘no-one in their right mind’ comes into my mind.  The ironing is  done and I’ve just baked a banana loaf (that new mixer is fast becoming a firm friend)! Later, we’ll be eating the leftovers from yesterday’s lunch. Friends came and I cooked a mini- Christmas Dinner followed by an old favourite – apple and mincemeat crumble served with brandy sauce. Perhaps not the sort of thing that should feature in a post which mentions Slimming World!



  1. I’ll be really interested in what you take as I have the same thing on Thursday!
    Hoping the coming week is easier for you.
    J xxx


  2. You have had a very stressful few weeks, Eloise, so I hope from now on things will be a little less hectic and you will enjoy Christmas with your husband and lovely family. Glad you like your mixer!
    Margaret P


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