Four days

The first week of the month is always the busiest at work (overtime returns, new starters etc.) and I was especially looking forward to my four days off.  On Friday I went to the gym and drank coffee with friends (I make no pretence that it’s the exercise I go for but truly, I did do the circuit first)  and then made further inroads into the Christmas shopping. It’s usually done by now but this year I’ve been a little slower than usual but November was pretty much full of things unconnected to Christmas. In the afternoon I wrote a few Christmas cards, ironed a dress for tomorrow’s lunch out and did a bit of ‘pottering’ before going to visit my son and get my hair blow dried (his wife is my hairdresser). Then I dropped their youngest daughter at a birthday party, delivered a birthday card,  picked up a parcel I’d ordered to be delivered to Asda,  came home and cooked dinner.

Saturday was a full day. In the morning I met with elder son and family at a garden centre in nearly Bromsgrove. The younger boys (2 and 3 years) like it there because they have fish. Father Christmas was in residence and what a great Father Christmas he was, eliciting a good response from the 3 year old.  The elves were very engaging and the grotto cosy. There was no charge and we were in there for several minutes, the boys coming away with a ‘certificate of good behaviour’.

Later I joined the other members of the ‘Ladies Dining Group’ for our Christmas lunch (this is the second of my Christmas lunches; the first – the Gymophobics one – took place last Thursday, and very nice it was). The LDG comprises just six of us, who meet up every so often and either cook for each other or, less often, dine out. We had decided against the set Christmas menu and I had halloumi followed by creme brûlée (possibly my favourite dessert) and apart from when we were actually eating, I don’t think there was a single quiet moment during the entire four hours!

Sunday was a much needed day at home – an ordinary day.  I never undervalue ordinary days. If nothing extraordinary is happening, then all is usually pretty much ok in my world. Extraordinary can be good, even great, but things that are out of the ordinary are not always welcome. I wrote cards, wrapped gifts, tidied, ironed and made soup. I did hope that we’d have a visitor – eight year old granddaughter who had said that she’d like to come and decorate the tree on the porch but she changed her mind so I did it myself.   I always made a point of not putting up the Christmas tree until after her daddy’s birthday in early December as I thought it important that the two were separate. My daughter recently pointed out that he’s not lived with me for years and really wouldn’t care. I’m sure she’s right (especially as his wife likes to put their tree up at the end of November). In truth he probably hasn’t even noticed that I still delay the Christmas decorations but I like my little traditions. I also have a white pre-lit twig tree in the sitting room. Apart from decorating the mantlepiece, a small decorative tree on the dining table and a few additions to the sideboard I don’t do anything else in terms of decor.

Monday dawned and it should have been back to the gym but I just couldn’t be bothered. Instead I did some Christmas food shopping. Later I had an optician’s appointment. I’ve noticed over the past couple of months a gradual deterioration in the vision in my right eye. I seem to have been constantly cleaning my glasses. A little niggle had formed in my mind that maybe I had the beginnings of a cataract. I wear both distance glasses (driving and TV) and reading glasses (also used for computer work). Curiously  I was also finding that I can now see the TV better without glasses that with them, though I still find them necessary for driving.

Rather than just an eye test the optition carried out a full eye-health examination. I was in there for an hour and twenty minutes and came out with:

  • an order for two new pairs of distance glasses
  • assurance that my reading glasses are still ok
  • a leaflet about dry eyes
  • a prescription for eye drops
  • a leaflet about cataracts. (Yes I do have one in the centre of my right eye. Apparently if I am lucky I may not need any treatment for several years, but if I’m not , then it could be as little as a couple of years)


I also got my hair cut and went to Slmming World where tonight’s small loss now means I’ve list 4.5lb in three weeks. I’ll settle for that.

Back to work tomorrow.











  1. Well done on the weight loss – little and steady wins the day, I believe. Maybe that can continue over the new year and beyond.


  2. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished on your days off! Congratulations on the weight loss! I’m finding it hard to lose any weight! I am in the final stretch of my holiday preparations – the almsgiving (scheduled for Dec. 22), Christmas, and New Year’s Day.


    • Oh it’s very hard, Bless. I’m very much in awe of people who manage to lose week after week. Well done on being so organised with your Holiday preparation.


  3. I love ordinary days, too, at home, Eloise, when I just potter or, conversely, get on with lots of things I’ve been putting off! And yes, I love those little traditions at that we all have at this time of the year, they’re important to us, I think. I don’t like our tree up too early otherwise it doesn’t seem special by Christmas. But then I like to get it down just after New Year and then crack on with the new year.
    How lovely those ladies lunches sound. I used to enjoy such things when I belonged to my Writers’ Club, they were great fun.
    I also need to have my eyes tested again (I have this done once a year) as last time I was informed that small cataracts are forming in both my eyes, so no wonder – like you – I feel I need to keep cleaning my glasses! I also think we (meaning us here at home, not you and me) need to have better reading lamps in our sitting room, but it’s making an effort to go and find something that is not too obtrusive, as I like the lamps we have, but good reading light is essential when we age.


    • I have a number of friends who are older than me and only one has a cataract so I’m feeling a bit cheated here! Not that I’m wishing them on anyone, of course. Ordinary days are often undervalued. I love to potter but don’t do it often enough.


  4. I have been very slow this year and not sure why. It’s the 11th December and I haven’t bought any Christmas presents and done any cards. Our Christmas tree is sitting there waiting to be decorated! However, I expect to have done everything by the coming weekend! Phew! And I now know that I’m cooking the Christmas lunch for both (grown-up) kids plus my one grandchild. So it’s all systems go with regard to getting the food and preparing some for the freezer – busy days!


    • It doesn’t seem to matter whether I start early or late…it all gets done by Christmas Eve so I guess there is no point in stressing over i

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  5. With so much happening on your day’s off, I’m surprised you have time to go to work at all.
    Your weight loss is fantastic. Something I need to address myself before long. X


    • If only I could sustain a loss of 1.5lb a week. I’m pretty hopeless most of the time and will end the year only a small amount down on this time last year (a very small amount).


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