Saturday shopping

Pay day came (on 25th) and went. I wasn’t in the mood to food shop so we managed with what we had in (always too much anyway) and I went shopping on Monday instead.  With it being so close to Christmas (apologies to those who like to keep Christmas in December) and having a weekend away later this month, when I plan to do some seasonal – note how neatly I sidestepped the C word there -shopping, I didn’t buy much over and above essentials.

When food shopping, I don’t often shop with a ‘full’ shopping list as I like to see what takes my fancy at the time, or what irresistibly good offers are available, but I do have a small list of things that I buy every month regardless of whether I need them at that moment; I know they’ll get used. The coffee, Marmite (I love it), peanut butter, balsamic vinegar and Kallo low-salt vegi stock cubes tend to last just about a month and I’m a month or two ahead so always have them in the store cupboard. The Natvia sweetener used to last longer, but I now use it in baking (I’m experimenting on taste – so far I’m on half sweetener, half sugar) which uses it up more quickly.

Four bags of 250g walnuts. Husband has them on his breakfast cereal and I use them in baking, and also eat several with a piece of cheese as a snack. Dates ditto husband and baking. I’ve been known to chop them up in a Moroccan tagine too.

Whitworths dried fruit costs £3 for 2 bags in most places but Asda sell them at £3 for 3 bags. I mainly shop in Tesco and only visit Asda once a month for my dried fruit and their ‘Shades’ quilted toilet rolls (the absolute best ones around). We all have our quirky favourites, don’t we? Back to the dried fruit – on this occasion I bought Mixed Fruit only;I like how ‘wet’ this mix is as it makes for a more moist fruit cake. Other times I’ll buy ground or flaked almonds, sultanas (extra large, extra juicy) or a combination of different ones. And finally, cartons of passata  – as every Slimming World member knows, these are a cupboard staple – but it wasn’t until I photographed them that I realised I’d picked up a carton of chopped among them.

Apart from these I bought fish, chicken and yogurt, and items for the family brunch on Sunday morning and some packets of sweets for the ‘Trick or Treaters’. A couple of years ago we had so many call that I ran out. Last year not a single one came but I thought I’d better be prepared anyway. Just two little girls came so there were lots left over. I took them into work today and they disappeared in moments.


Then I popped to town for a few other bits including a new hot water bottle for my daughter. That cover is so soft! I treated myself to the latest in the Detective Roy Grace Series by Peter James. This one’s number 14 and, even though they’re very different from my usual reading choice, I’ve enjoyed them all. And that was the lot – I’ve bought not a single other item this week.


  1. That’s a nice assortment of shopping, Eloise. I like to see what other people buy! A bit nosy, that way! LOL. I, too, like to see what’s on sale (or on offer, as you might say) and then, base my shopping around that. The stores here are starting to gear up for Thanksgiving (3rd Thursday in November). Cans of cream soups (cream of mushroom and cream of chicken, mostly) and broth are on sale for $.50 each, so are cans of vegetables (corn, green peas, green beans, mostly). I have plenty of those, so I won’t buy any, but I am hoping that cans of fruit might also go on sale (although, they don’t seem to go on sale as often, anymore). Enjoy reading your new book. 🙂


    • I love to see what other people are buying! We say that something is “IN the sale” if it is reduced, whereas if something is ON sale it just means that it is available to buy. I love language variation – often subtle differences have a whole different meaning


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