The frustrations of being a blog-owner!

PHOTOI could have entitled this post in the same way as the last one – Where did I go? because I’ve been blog-absent all week (again). I have good reason (again)!

Having been away on holiday I posted last Sunday with renewed vigor, only to find that on the following day as I was typing a post, the tool bar which allows me to write, read comments and check on the blog’s stats disappeared. After that I couldn’t access my blog at all. I could read it as a reader – as you do – but that was all. Various websites offered ‘simple’ solutions but mostly I couldn’t understand the words they used – I swear they make half of them up! Of those I was able to follow, not one of the suggestions worked. I read dozens and watched You-tube videos to no avail. Most told me first to access the blog’s dashboard….er, that’s the whole point; I can’t access it because I have no tool bar! I contacted the WordPress online chat but that didn’t help either.  Last night I  played around for ages, added this, deleted that and sank deeper and deeper into a technological mire of complete befuddlness! At one point I was faced with the messages that the site (my blog) didn’t exist.  Even Husband who is more patient with these kind of problems, and more technically savvy, was completely flummoxed.

Then suddenly, there it was – the toolbar was back. I have no idea at all how this happened. If it disappears again I shall be no better off than I was this time because I still won’t know what to do. I logged on this morning with great trepidation but all was well in the world of blog apart from the fact that the almost completed draft post I had been working on last Monday had disappeared leaving only the title! Even the photos that I had added to the blog’s album had taken flight.

Today will be a busy one; I have some of the family arriving for brunch soon and I still haven’t touched the holiday ironing. I shall post properly tomorrow (toolbar depending)!


  1. How very strange. It sounds as if the problem was not your end but t’other end. Blogland can be a very unpredictable place at times. 🙂


  2. Oh, dear! I’d have been completely at a loss, myself, if that had happened! I’m glad it corrected itself and the toolbar reappeared! And glad that you are able to post again!


  3. My tool bar, via WordPress, has also disappeared, Eloise, and I’ve not been able to get it back. I’ve contacted the webmaster who helped me last time (via the website Fiverr) but he’s away at the moment and can’t do anything until next week. I now have to access my blog in order to verify comments and post new blogs by going to Blue Host website and then my comments are referred to as Word Press Nanny instead of myself!
    Margaret P


    • I wasn’t certain why you had become ‘Nanny’. It is very frustrating and it seems that we are not the only ones who lost the tool bar. I’ve got it on the desktop now, but it’s missing from the ipad!


  4. I had this problem a few months ago when evreything disappeared from the top of the blog so I couldn’t get in. It reappeared on and off after I did a full scan and then has been OK since. A couple of weeks ago I had no sound so couldn’t watch iplayer or you tube so ran a full scan again and after that it was OK. No idea if there was a connection or not


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