There went the weekend

I meant to post on Saturday evening. Then I meant to post on Sunday evening. Monday evenings are taken up so here we are on Tuesday and almost half way through the next week and I’m only just getting around to it! I always seem to be playing catch up and with nothing left in my ‘draft box’ to draw on, I haven’t even got the choice of using a ‘general’ post to fill in with.

The weekend began on Friday. At 8.30am I popped into the gym with a coffee & walnut cake for the Macmillan coffee morning (around £300 raised in total)….which reminds me, I didn’t pick up my cake box when I was there yesterday.


By 9am I was having my hair foiled. Whilst it was ‘taking’ I did some ironing for daughter-in-law. Shortly after mid-day I did some food shopping and in the afternoon, my own ironing.

On Saturday we went to my grandson’s second birthday party. I’d promised a hedgehog cake. I forgot to get something suitably small and round for his (or her) nose and a hunt through the cupboards – even a glace cherry would have done – proved fruitless (pun intended). The best I could come up with by late afternoon (I really couldn’t face another shopping trip) was a small pink meringue. Well, small in comparison to a larger meringue! Unfortunately it made poor hedgehog look more like a pig. Oh dear. In retrospect even a walnut would have been a better choice. You live and learn – I will never again give a hedgehog a meringue nose.  But two year olds are more interested in blowing out the candles and smearing the chocolate covering around their faces than the aesthetics or authenticity so Birthday boy didn’t seem to mind at all how the poor creature looked and as Husband pointed out – it’s a hedgeHOG so a pig-like nose wasn’t too unsuitable!


A little shopping for our forthcoming holiday was necessary on Sunday. Does everyone always seem to need new pants for holidays or is it just me? Since I like a very specific style and colour from M&S and we no longer have a local branch, I drove to Longbridge where they have a very large one and stock everything. I also like M&S tights in a shade called ‘Illusion’ so stocked up on those too. I thought that a pack of ‘Nearly black’ would be useful with black cocktail dresses, and a couple of pairs of Nude sheer ones with shine are also nice for evening. So I came away with several packs plus a pair of  large sunglasses.  Only once home did I realise – I forgot the pants. In the afternoon I did more ironing and then we went to the airport to pick up daughter who had been in Madrid to watch football (she’s loved football since she was old enough to utter the word. To this day I wonder how come I, whose interest in sport is limited to snooker, and even then only when Ronnie O’Sullivan is playing have such a sports mad daughter). Then I made a roast dinner and later fell asleep watching television.

On Monday morning I picked up friend L who can’t drive at present because of an injury. She can’t do the gym circuit either but that’s where we went. Our gym, as regular readers will know, is a gym where the exercise is secondary to the coffee and chat. That’s not official –  just honest. When I took L home we drank more coffee and she gave me not one, nor two, but THREE pairs of beautiful shoes (two pairs had never even been worn). Oh how happy it makes me to have the same size feet! She’s a terrible advert for economy but she’s a lovely and very generous friend. In the afternoon I had to go into work for a meeting, then I went to get my hair blow-dried, then I went to Slimming World. I maintained my weight – honestly with all the running around I do, it beats me how come I’m not stick thin (imagine here a very big, frustrated sigh). At 7.45pm I ate my first mouthful of food of the day!

And now it’s Tuesday. I went to work half an hour early and I left half an hour late but I still didn’t get to anywhere near finishing the absence or overtime return that I need to do at the start of each month. Every time I punched some figures into the calculator in would come someone else with a query/complaint/piece of paper to be signed etc…etc… Tomorrow morning I shall be flicking the sign to “Meeting in Progress” and closing my office door.  Straight after work it was back to Longbridge to get those pants, and guess what? They didn’t have my size!



  1. Your post made me smile; pants and hedgehog cakes! I, too, have seen some of the hedgehog cakes on an Extra Slice. I think you were very creative in finding a substitute nose and I imagine it tasted 😋!


    • Heavens NO! I rarely even blow dry my own hair, Ratnamurti. My daughter in law is a hairdresser. She works for herself and she does my hair twice a week. We have an agreement. I pay her for one appointment per week and do a basket of ironing in exchange for the second appointment. Of course, I also pay for any foils/colour appointments.


  2. Both cakes look wonderful and I’m impressed. Do you ever watch An Extra Slice (the Bake Off offshoot) They have a section on hedgehog cakes and I reckon yours is one of the best I’ve seen.


    • LOL, I’m sure they do better hedgehog noses than me!! I haven’t watched Bake Off but my daughter does. Daughter – you will be reading this, so please take note!


  3. Oh, that’s a pity, about the pants I mean.
    Your coffee cake looks absolutely delicious, could you share the recipe sometime, please?
    Meanwhile, I hope you have a very nice holiday!


  4. What a busy time you have had, Eloise, and what a generous friend, indeed. And that hedgehog cake is adorable! But that’s just like me, going to a shop for something, being side-tracked and coming away without the item I first went for (i.e. you and your pants!)
    Margaret P


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