Adding colour

My staple colours for clothing are black and (to a lesser extent) navy. Even in the summer these colours form the basis of my wardrobe. I sometimes add a small splash of colour  – a scarf, a string of beads, a pair of bright shoes –  but this is something I could improve upon….vastly! I mentioned recently that I’m too often in the habit of grabbing my black handbag even though I have others that I like so I’ve been going through my cupboards and drawers taking out a few things that I use far too infrequently. I have lots of other options but here are a few that I’ve decided to make an effort with over the next week or two.

An old favourite Gerry Weber scarf . Goodness knows how old but really….years! Such a useful one too, giving me the opportunity to wear colourful shoes. I can see as I’m about to add the photos that I omitted to take pictures of the red bags I have, or the yellow one (I also have a green one but not in the correct shade for these shoes though). I wonder if matching bags are a considered a bit too ‘wedding-like’ for every day?

The green shoes go perfectly with the brightly coloured mac that I hardly ever wear. I love it to look at but every time I put it on I feel it’s a bit too …well, bright…, and back in the wardrobe it goes. Why?


I like green and if I want to use it as an accessory, I’ve lots of choice but I’m more likely to go for a lime shade. The ‘make you feel a million dollars’ gorgeous lime suede shoes generously gifted by my lovely friend L are somewhat higher in the heel than I am used to and therefore used only on minimal-walking-sitting-down occasions.

Purple is another colour that I like a lot. The coat is quite a dark colour already, so why do I so often team it with black boots and bag? Boring!  More effort required.

These wine coloured shoes (Bordeaux on the box) are several seasons old but the soles are like new because they are rarely worn. I have boots this colour too (in this instance they’re called ‘oxblood’) but I’ll bet I only wore them a couple of times last winter. Again, I’ll take the easy option of wearing black with the dress shown in the left hand picture. The shoes also match well with an appliqued scarf and now I think about it I have a rather quirky (and yet again, barely worn) taupe jersey jacket that one of the flowers on the scarf would co-ordinate nicely with.

Cerise looks good with either navy or black so why are these lovely shoes so rarely out of the box? I can’t offer a credible answer, and it’s ages since I wore the dusky pink scarf or necklace. The pink sling-backs have seen the light of day at a couple of weddings but again, they spend far too much time hiding in a box.

These coral shoes don’t exactly match the tunic but with a pair of black leggings in between, I felt ok when I wore them out recently (surprising friends with such a bright colour), I’m sure.  I think I have a cardigan this colour somewhere too.


How about these for the ultimate coloured sandals. On the few occasions I’ve worn them I’ve received very positive comments – so why is it that I’ve lived most of the summer in either convenient black or gold ones?


There are colours that I haven’t even mentioned – scarves, bags, shoes, costume jewellery. I need to go ‘shopping’ in my own home and root out some of these long forgotten brights.

How about you – do you wear bright colours or stick to the same few?

P.S. There’s a definite improvement in the colour stakes when it comes to my hands. If you’ve been reading my posts for a while then you’ll have read all about my collection of leather gloves: You have to hand it to M&S…



  1. You have very pretty shoes! There was a time when I had shoes (and handbags to match) in all the colors of the rainbow! Not anymore! My black shoes go with everything. 🙂


    • I’m sure your matching shoes and bags were beautiful, Bless. Black does indeed go with everything and thank goodness for it!


    • Everyone loves them Eleanor and I’d never have afforded them. Sometimes I just open the box to look! What an amazing gift – amazing friend too (and not just because she gives me beautiful footwear). If you’re reading this L, allow yourself a little blush!


  2. Eloise – you have so many beautiful accessories with totally gorgeous colours – your colour co-odination is outstanding – oh pleeeeese wear them!!!

    Actually you’re right about this, as although I profess to love colour, in the winter I wear one pair of black chunky ankle boots over and over again. So yes, I get you!!!

    And where did those multi-coloured sandals come from – I really like those!


    • I’m really going to try very hard, penny! The sandals are by Tamaris and I bought them at the very end of last year’s summer in the sale for £25. Yes – my chunky(ish) black boots are worn disproportionately often too.

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  3. I’d love your closet and the beautiful array of clothing and shoes you have! I used to be a shoe fanatic and I especially love suede shoes in many colors. No black shoes for me! Ha ha… And, those lovely leather gloves are amazing. Enjoy your day, Pat


    • Thank you Pat. Suede shoes are gorgeous and I do have some but they are so impractical if the weather is bad. However, I always spray them with suede protector which helps with avoiding marks. I buy far fewer shoes now than I did when I worked full time (money being the obvious reason) and some of mine are years old.


  4. I have never seen so many lovely shoes in such lovely colours! You put me to shame. My problem is that I can’t wear pretty shoes any more because of arthritis, i’d love to be able to wear shoes like these!
    Margaret P


    • I’m sure you look fabulous though (I KNOW you do) and you will add colour in other ways. Some of my shoes are quite ancient, Margaret! I keep them for ages. Most are Gabor as I find they best suit my feet. I’ve dyed several pairs from a light colour to get the shades I want (including the flat green ones in the post). TRG Easy Dye from Amazon is excellent.


  5. I have no style at all and find it really hard to put colours together. I have one pair of “tidy” shoes (black) a pair of trainers and a pair of walking sandals. I think I’m a dead loss!! 🙂 I don’t really mind.

    Your shoes are so pretty but my feet are wide and it’s very hard to find anything that fits and that I can walk in so I’ve given up really and just concentrate on being able to walk.


    • Haha, I’m sure you’re not a dead loss at all, Alison. I have always loved pretty shoes – it’s a family failing. My mother was the same. There are times when I think life would be easier if I was less vain – I don’t open the front door without my make-up on!


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