Stewed celery and custard

Yuk! Thankfully this combination didn’t make it as far as the dish but finely sliced celery and finely sliced rhubarb do look remarkably similar when frozen. They look pretty much the same when defrosted too but fortunately heating celery does release a certain aroma. It’s not the first time I’ve defrosted something thinking that it was one thing and finding that it’s another. In theory I label the containers; in practice I always think I’ll remember.

Not only has it been several days since I posted, but I’ve barely even looked at any of my usual blogs. It’s been a busy week (again). Our Slimming World consultant went on maternity leave (she’s due to have her twins next week) so we had a party with lots of SW-friendly foods. I made spiced potatoes and they went down very well. The potatoes are par-boiled then coated with a mixture of passata, balsamic vinegar, salt and Cajun seasoning. Sprayed with oil they’re put in a hot oven until a bit crispy.


The coating was so tasty that I used it as the basis of a topping for chicken later in the week, adding peppers and spring onions for texture, serving it with green beans from my friend’s garden. The flowers on our beans withered in the heat and fell off; we managed only one meal’s worth of beans.


It was a bit chilly this morning and I felt the need for a ‘winter’ breakfast so I chose porridge and fruit – a fresh peach with frozen blueberries and raspberries. Although I usually eat porridge all year round I’d given up on it for a while in the high temperatures.


We had an unannounced audit at work this week. We, the H&S Advisor and HR Advisor (me),   had to abandon our plans for the day and provide all manner of documentation including induction paperwork, proof of work permits, visas and evidence of compliance with legislation such as The Modern Slavery Act, Right to Work etc., pay data, health & safety documentation, contracts, training records, and answer loads of questions. I used to manage an audit team so I know what to expect but it’s mentally exhausting. I fell asleep when I got home. I have every sympathy for teachers facing Ofsted and, as an ex-school governor and with several teachers in my family, I know that an inspection can be gruelling. However, I think that sometimes it’s forgotten that many businesses are audited regularly for compliance with certifications: ISO 9001 (Quality) ISO14001 (Environmental) ISO18001 (occupational H&S), and by accrediting bodies, The Home Office and are subject to their customers’ ethical audits.

I’ve only been to the gym once this week and tomorrow’s usual visit won’t take place as I have my younger granddaughter for a few hours. We’ll be out shopping for new school shoes.  I’ve managed to fit in a visit to a friend (long overdue) and a manicure appointment. I’m not at all sure about the polish colour; it’s paler than I’m used to but I bought three Nina nail polishes when I saw them on offer for just £2.10 each (a bargain since they normally retail at between £6 and £10 each. Just look at the size of the box they arrived in! As so often happens Nina have discontinued ‘Rosewood’ – a colour I loved, and as also so often happens when manufacturers stop producing something I really like, my search for a near match has not been successful.



  1. Yes, somehow, stewed celery and custard doesn’t sound quite as appetizing! Rhubarb and custard, on the other hand sounds wonderful! Interesting, isn’t it? Since they are both stalks of plants.


    • We don’t eat a lot of celery in salads but do like a little bit so I usually chop the rest to add to casseroles as and when. I’d never considered how much alike they look before!


  2. I loved L’Oreal Rose Beige lipstick, best lippie I ever had…. it got discontinued, and yes, I did have a minor meltdown. I go for more cruelty free stuff now, but I have never ever found another lipstick as good.I was intrigued to read about the auditing. I abruptly left my business (1/2 owner) 11 years ago, when I found out that I had been massively embezzled by co-owner and his cohort. I legally extricated myself from all legal and tax stuff from said business, got some money back. A few years later the tax people walked in unannounced and audited them. They had to pay a lot of money, both of them.


    • Oh it’s always happening with things that I like. Very frustrating. What an awful thing to happen to you but glad that they got their comeuppance.


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