Five Lamborghinis and some other stuff

On Friday I went out for lunch with a group of friends to celebrate the 70th birthday of one of them. Preferring the sound of the starters, I made up my own meal by choosing two starters – baked goats cheese with croutons and red onion relish served alongside salmon mini fish cakes. Yummy…better than any of the main course meals. Several of my friends have had, or are looking forward to (or maybe not!) big birthdays this summer which is providing a full, if busy, social life. It’s been a summer for outdoor celebrations and I’m hoping the good weather continues so that I can celebrate my own birthday in the garden too. Husband recently refurbished our wooden garden table using the slats from an unwanted set of bunk beds. I’d take a photo but (despite the run of hot sunny days) it’s been pouring this afternoon and the table is covered up. Unfortunately the new gazebo tore during a rare storm a couple of weeks ago so we are currently without one.

This heat is playing havoc with my hair. I like it loose but get so hot that it turns ‘woolly-looking’ on the ends so mostly I tie it back. I’m fed up with it but don’t want it cut as I regretted doing so last time even though most people seemed to like it. “Oh that’s better,” said one rather undiplomatic friend!

On Saturday we went to nearby Alcester. I needed a jewellery repair and having asked around at the gym, always my first point of call for recommendations, a family firm which carries out repairs on the premises, seemed a better option than one which sends items away. Husband has been to pick up the repaired chain today and I’m very pleased. Whilst in Alcester we dropped into the Orangemable coffee shop and spent a relaxing hour in a shady spot in the garden and people watching.

A visit to the two younger grandsons filled most of Sunday…..lovely but exhausting! Highlight of the year for my eldest grandson was when we were overtaken by four Lamborghinis on the M42 on the way back home. Yes, four! First a yellow one, then blue, another yellow and finally a red one. You can just see three of them in front of the white car on the right. Then shortly after an orange one passed us on the other carriageway. I’ve never seen Grandson so animated! He couldn’t understand when I said that I wouldn’t want one, though I did say that I’d like to be able to afford one!

I’ve been doing very little baking of late. A lack of time (too busy partying with those friends) and heat-induced disinclination has meant that poor husband has been without cake. We’ve also eaten a lot of salad accompanied by simple things like tuna/egg/cheese/chicken etc. Hence, not much in the way of creating meals either. I have to make a cheesecake tomorrow though as I’m off to a friend’s on Friday and I promised.


  1. Boys and vehicles! I can remember one of the games we used to play, to keep our sons entertained, on long car journeys was ‘spot the yellow mini’. Then, there was ‘spot the Stobarts lorry’ and plenty more besides. It’s been too hot for the oven but we have been eating lots of marinated chicken and salad, salad and more salad! We had a family lunch at my brother’s house last weekend, so I did make a Key Lime Pie. Our eldest son produced an excellent coffee and walnut cake and picked us up and drove us to lunch. This was a first; not the cake but being chauffeured!


  2. Sometimes simple meals like salad and protein are just the best. Boys do love cars, diggers, trains and the like, my great grandchild wanted to watch them at a very young age.


    • They do, don’t they. Whilst I totally believe in not pushing certain interests onto boys/girls, I really do think that there is some element of natural leaning towards certain things. Boys do seem to gravitate towards diggers etc.


  3. That must have been an exciting sight for your grandson! I think I’d prefer a Rolls, myself! Ha, ha. Yum, cheesecake! I don’t bake during the summer, myself. Way too hot to turn on the oven! It is going to be 104-106F today! That would be 40-41C, according to the online converter.


    • Oh my goodness, Bless. That is HOT! We are so unused to extremes of weather (and we see 85F as extreme) in the UK. We’re just not geared up to cope well with it. In terms of cars, personally, a Jaguar would suit!


  4. You’ve been enjoying a busy time of it, Eloise. The birthday celebrations sound like a lot of fun.
    I think the weather has changed everyone’s habits recently. I made a cake for the first time in ages last week. Unfortunately a certain little someone decided to turn up the oven temperature, so it came out a little on the overdone side! X


    • I am left wondering – could that certain little someone sport a pair of jolly plaits! Yes, I think we’ve all changed something about our routine. It’s definitely more comfortable now that the temperature has dropped, but I do miss the sunshine as it’s a bit overcast.


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