Being lazy

Since changing the appearance of my blog’s front page a couple of months ago, although the visitor numbers have stayed about the same,  the number of posts that each one is viewing has soared! I think what’s happening is that where only the current post showed up on the old style blog, now that people get a glimpse of earlier ones they must be  reading several at each visit.  On the day after I changed the blog’s format there were almost 1,400 views. Since then it has been close to 1,000 most days…astonishing! It intrigues me no end as to how they come across my blog.

Over the sixteen months that I have been producing there have been a few posts which I’ve especially enjoyed writing.  Many of my newer readers will never have seen these so, just for you, here goes!  To those of you who have been around longer, (thank you for your continued interest), and are thinking ‘how lazy’, I promise to be back with something new in the next couple of days!

And although it has nothing to do with the post, I thought you might like to see the photo that I took in Brixham recently. I call it ‘Pigeon-hole’!



  1. I’ve just had a look at your new front page and I love it! 1,000 views a day – impressive. I’m intending to update my blog by becoming self-hosted rather than WordPress. I think I might just be a bit nervous about changing the blog but I’m not really sure why. Watch this space! I don’t think you’re being lazy with this post. In fact, I think it’s an excellent idea and one which I may well ‘pinch’ in the future, if you don’t mind.


    • Pinch with pleasure! I’m not sure how self-hosted works. Do you have to set up a website yourself? I’m happy enough with WordPress but when I was considering a new theme I was worried that I would ‘lose everything’! In the end I thought I was just experimenting with a new look but somehow I managed to actually apply it. i’m totally comfortable with Microsoft packages but I did get into knots when initially setting up the blog.

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  2. I usually read blogs on my phone so it’s fun to view them on my laptop occasionally so I can see the ‘proper’ layout. Your viewing figures are impressive. I’ll have a look back at the highlighted posts. X


    • Thank you, Ratnamurti. I often wonder4 who all these people are who read about my life but say nothing. It’s quite spooky when you think about it.


  3. We have lots of pigeon visitors every day. If you’re interested I came across your bog via Sue’s The Cottage at the End of the Lane.


    • Thank you for you comment, Joan. I’m always interested in how people have found me. I think most are probably via other blogs. That’s the way I’ve found other blogs too. It’s great to see the blog statistics and find that readers come from so many different countries. I’m a fan of seagulls, but not pigeons.


  4. That pigeon looked very comfortable in its hole! I remember reading some of those posts you linked; I re-read the one about the fruitcake for the rabbit and really enjoyed the description of the village. Thank you for sharing. And I am glad that the new format is working well for you. 🙂


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