From the back

My fifty-second birthday was approaching and the forecast promised a sunny day so I suggested to the family that we took a picnic to Evesham Country Park (now The Valley but I’m saving that for another post). Back then there were just two grandchildren (the others not yet the tiniest twinkles in their fathers’ eyes). I’m sure we had a good time but the lasting memory of that day only  became apparent later in the evening when my son emailed the photographs he’d taken. The little fellow pictured here is now approaching his twelfth birthday but this remains one of my (and his father’s) favourite pictures of him.


He now has two younger brothers and whilst they were recently on holiday in Colwyn Bay, his daddy took this gorgeous picture of one of the tinies:


It got me thinking about other such grandchildren pictures:


Jules from posts lots of lovely pictures of her daughter but almost always from the back which, of course, protects her privacy but quite apart from this obvious benefit, I also find such pictures very appealing.  I wonder what it is about them? After all, my grandchildren are a handsome bunch and I love to see their beautiful faces. So is it perhaps the total absence of pose in the unknowing subject? In them I find the innocence of the child so poignantly real.  I’ve no idea why that is but there is something in these that keeps me coming back to look and smile.



  1. Such lovely photos. Who could ever describe the love that we have for our grandchildren? There is a sense of belonging, in the photos where there are more than one. Beautiful, happy children.


    • Oh don’t we just love them! I was quite a reluctant grandmother and, unlike. Friends who couldn’t wait, I truly wasn’t bothered if my children didn’t want children of their own. But as they came along….oh my, I just fell in love!


  2. All the photos are lovely, because the children are so engrossed in whatever they are doing and totally unmindful of the camera, but I think the first one is by far the best. There seems to be a sense of determination in your grand son and to see that in such a small boy brings a smile to the face and warms the heart!


  3. There is something rather special to these types of photographs. Never sure whether it’s because you are left wondering what they were up to or what expression they may of had on their faces. Its almost like a picture of innocence a time that seems to disappear all to quickly for our little people and young folk these days. They want to be all grown up far too soon and then you look back through these types of photo’s and wonder where did that time go.



  4. I particularly love the back of babies heads with their short sparse hair and bare neck. There is something so cute and appealing to me. I purposely took some of the back of my daughter’s head when she was a toddler and when I look at them now I go all gooey.


  5. I agree about the photos-the view from behind always makes me wonder what they are doing when the facial expression is unseen. Jules photos are always lovely too.


  6. They are beautiful photographs Eloise and thank you for the mention.
    I am very mindful of Lily’s privacy, but also agree such photographs are quite lovely. No forced smiles and just enjoying themselves in the moment.
    I have a feeling you’ll enjoy my next post too! X


    • Thank you Jules – I always enjoy seeing Lily’s photos. When my son sent me the recent one, I decided to trawl back through the hundreds (possibly thousands) and find others. I just love them.


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