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It’s hot:  Apparently parts of the UK have been hotter than the Caribbean this week! It’s always a double edged sword when it’s like this. We want it to be dry and sunny; it is, after all, summer and we don’t get that many good ones, but it’s a nightmare for the farmers, and I expect our water reserves will be of concern. Cue hosepipe bans and maybe even standpipes. People in the UK still talk about the summer drought of ’76 and I remember it well.

Despite a very pleasant breeze this evening, it’s still very warm. Are you finding it hard to get to sleep? That’s me on pretty much any night and I’m certain that it’s linked to the temperature as much as anything else so this is why we have so many combinations of bedding. It builds up over the months from around July to March:

  • Sheet only
  • Sheet and throw
  • Sheet and 3.5 tog quilt/duvet
  • Sheet and 10.5 tog quilt
  • Sheet, 3.5 tog and 10.5 tog quilts
  • Sheet, 3.5 tog, 10.5 tog and throw

Then begins the process in reverse until a whole year has gone by and we’re back to the sheet on its own.  The physical aspect of such change is not too onerous since I started storing the unused items in a wardrobe so that we no longer have to go up and down into the loft all the time. Once again I use ‘we’ loosely – it was one of those ‘husband’ jobs! A friend told me that she uses the same quilt all year round. This is someone who hates extremes of temperature so I can’t work that one out at all.

A trip to M&S: Now that we have no local M&S, a visit to the store becomes a planned event rather than the drop-in-when-you’re-passing kind of thing so husband picked me up from work and we went straight to Longbridge which is about ten miles away and has a much larger store than we were used to. I have no idea what the actual figures are but I’d hazard a guess that it’s about six times as large in terms of goods for sale. In square footage it’s probably even more but the Longbridge store has lots of space and wide aisles whereas ours was cramped (impossible to get a pushchair between some of the racks).  Feel free to disagree with my size comparison if you know both stores.  You would think that it might be easier to find what one is looking for in the larger store and so worth making the journey. Unfortunately I didn’t. I wanted a plain navy jersey maxi dress which M&S have produced several years running. My black one is still OK but the navy one wore out. Unfortunately the new version has a slit up the side – fine on a calm day but no good when it flaps about on a windier day and wraps itself around ones calves. The other item I wanted was a sun hat but the only one they had in stock was about three feet wide! OK, I exaggerate (but only slightly)!

But all was not lost since the primary purpose was to buy clothes for husband. He is not a terribly willing clothes shopper but we struck lucky. Two linen shirts and one pair of trousers (I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gentle charm of linen and I know it creases but it’s meant to, and it’s the coolest fabric for hot days). Husband doesn’t dislike it but is less enthusiastic than I, so he was pleased when we also found two suitable pairs of chinos, although we’ve had to order these as they weren’t in stock in his size.

Whilst there we stocked up on a few items of food including a couple of boxes of their divine cherry liqueur chocolates. Husband hides these and I have just a single one now and again.

The Big Clothes Throw: In 2017 Slimming World groups across the UK collected 122,739 bags of unwanted clothing during their three week Big Clothes Throw. The average value when sold in Cancer Research charity shops is £26 per bag which meant that members donated clothing worth a magnificent £3.3 million.

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The aim for 2018 is to beat last year’s figure and nearly four hundred bags were collected when the Slimming World Groups in my town recently got together and arranged for a drop-off point at our local Tesco. Additional bags were collected in each group.  You know how I feel about decluttering clothes – I rarely do it, but I had no problem finding a few unwanted items and encouraging husband to do the same. The final figure for the 2018 Clothes Throw is yet to be announced.J

And finally, for Margaret who, asked of an earlier post what a Freddo is…….





  1. My comments didn’t go through again, although I tried to post them 3 times! Enjoyed reading about your bed covers over the seasons! We are having a heatwave here, and I still have all the covers on my bed! LOL.


    • I don’t know why this problem occurs, Bless. You’re not the only one as others occasionally say the same. I have trouble posting on some of the Blogger sites.


  2. We’ve just returned from our house in SW France where it is equally hot. However, the shutters keep the bedrooms lovely and cool and dark, therefore I sleep really well. Now back in the UK, I’m finding that despite closing curtains and blinds, it is really difficult to achieve any quality sleep. Normally, as my husband and I have such different body temperature settings, we have single duvets with different tog ratings, on our double bed, with a double sheet underneath. It works for us!


    • Our requirements are pretty similar except in the oldest weather. Then husband might have something extra on his side.

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  3. Thank you for showing me a Freddo-the-Frog bar! I half-knew what it was as I bought a couple for our little grandson’s Treasure Hunt, and although they were still in the wrappers, I realized it was just a choccy bar in the shape of a frog. Who thinks these things up!
    Margaret P


  4. Hi Eloise
    I tried to comment 5 minutes ago with a long comment and it disappeared – ooof – trying again! But shorter!

    Definitely follow your bedding combinations, and definitely sleep better in the cold weather.

    M&S – not sure about its future with online sales increasing year on year. Maybe a few flagship stores for clothes and otherwise a food supermarket.

    And well done The Big Clothes Throw. It’s so important to re-cycle and re-use clothes!

    Great post – loved reading it 🙂


    • Thank you Penny. Lost comments happen to me too. It’s very frustrating. I think that M&S need to stop trying to attract the very fashion-conscious who actually want cheap ‘throw away’ fashion. Many of the skirts M&S offer are so short that whilst my teenage granddaughter would wear the length nothing would induce her to be dressed by M&S. The frothy blouses look ridiculous and the garish designs are not popular (which is why they are always in the sale). M&S just need to remember their audience! Many of the Twiggy designs are better but they’re not available in many stores and often sold out online. As a food supermarket – great!


    • I know that it’s a bit ridiculous to have so many combinations, Jules. But we all have our little foibles!


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