Really, I want to be five

A guest post by a small boy

I had my birthday party today. I’m three but really I want to be five. Nanny explained to me that you have to be three and then four before you can be five. It seems a very long time away but it turns out that being three wasn’t too bad at all. It was jolly nice getting presents. Nanny and G brought with them a big box which looked  very exciting. I tore the dinosaur wrapping paper off very quickly. Mummy was quite disappointed that even though it said ‘Six bottles of prosecco’ on the box, it was actually full of Mr Potato heads! There was Darth Vader, Storm Trooper and another one with lots of ears, eyes, moustaches, spectacles and feet. I love Mr Potato heads.


My other Nanny and Grandad bought me a REAL talking Woody from Toy Story. He REALLY talks to me. I’ve got a dressing up outfit so that I can look just like Woody. My little brother likes to be Buzz Lightyear.  He’s not even two yet so he doesn’t understand much about birthdays. A10

Both the nannies are very nice but they do like their hugs and kisses. They need to realise I’m three now, not a baby any more!

Daddy made a fire in the barbecue and cooked sausages and burgers, and some vegi ones. Mummy cooked chicken kebabs and salmon ones and made lots of fried onions and a great big salad with baby potatoes. Nanny made puddings and a clown birthday cake for me. I wanted one ever since she showed me a photo of the clown cakes she made for my daddy when he was a little boy.


Mummy bought a big paddling pool for my little brother and me. I helped her fill it up. We played in it all afternoon. Nanny got quite wet from splashes but she didn’t seem to mind. She did ask me to stop shooting her with my water pistol though.

It’s been a busy day and it’s almost bedtime now. I heard the grown ups saying that we’d sleep well tonight. Haha, that’s what they’re hoping for!  When I’m five I might get to stay up later.



  1. What a lovely guest post! I quite enjoyed reading it! Sounds like it was a very nice birthday celebration! Happy (belated) 3rd birthday! It won’t be long before you’ll be five!


  2. Everyone had a lovely time! Especially the birthday boy (as he is now know). Both babies had a late night but are fast asleep now ready for a week of celebrations!


  3. What a lovely afternoon we all had. It’s so much fun being 3. Everyone enjoyed the BBQ food and the lovely puddings and birthday cake.
    Thank you nanny. Xx


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