Four days

Before I begin … very many thanks for all your positive and encouraging messages in response to my last post. It’s impossible not to feel a frisson of disappointment but I’m in good company and knew what to expect. 

Thursday: Frocks & fascinators – I adjusted my hours at work to allow me to leave a little earlier than usual so that I could join in the fun at our Gymophobics ‘Ascot’ Ladies’ Day lunch.  Who among us could believe that a whole year had passed since the last one?  The Bell Inn at Astwood Bank a nearby village is a great friend to the Gymophobics ladies providing us with a venue, large screen TV and excellent value two course lunch for just £7 a head. Bets cost £1 and the takings are split 50/50 between prizes and our chosen charity.  I won a 3rd place prize in the first race but nothing thereafter. No matter – it’s not about the racing of course – just an excuse to dress up in frocks and fascinators for a fun afternoon with friends. I enjoy dressing up in the evenings and love evening wear – beautiful velvets, beading and embroidery, but they weren’t suitable for purpose.  I am much less enthusiastic about day dresses. I don’t believe that they suit me and I don’t feel good in them. I feel far more comfortable (and by this I don’t refer to  ‘comfy’ clothes but rather how I feel about my personal style) in my usual casual attire.

Friday: Films & flowers – Back to normal day wear and off to the cinema feeling far more like myself. I’d planned to see The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society a few weeks ago but couldn’t make it so when I noticed that the Artrix arts Centre in Bromsgrove was offering an 11am showing I rounded up a few friends and booked the tickets. It’s some time now since I read the book and I couldn’t remember all the detail but it soon came back to me. It wasn’t a bad film but I can’t say that it will make my list of favourites. Whilst we were all rather taken with Michiel Huisman as Dawsey Adams, I didn’t feel that Lily James, leading lady, was quite right for the role. A little too one-dimensionally ‘sweet’, I thought that she lacked the passion to do justice to the part. I felt much the same about her lightweight performance as Lady Rose in Downton Abbey. Fellow Downton star, Penelope Wilton played a much more believable part.  Nevertheless it was an enjoyable morning made even better by the leisurely lunch we enjoyed at the pub afterwards!  Later I got my hair done and that pretty much completed Friday.

Saturday: Sorting and space – Spurred on by the comments on my recent post about clutter, I designated the day as ‘office clearance day’. Three large black bin-liners of paper rubbish (including a 2ft pile of university assignments), a bag for shredding and another of odds and ends ready for the next charity collection. Keeping just a handful of favourites, I also filled two large bags with my university text books (and confess to feeling a little teary as I packed them up) ready for the forthcoming university academic book sale and yet another was filled with books to take to the gym for our charity bookshelf. I even emptied the photo pin-board and selected just a few to put back.  There are several CDs that we never play which could be sold on Magpie or Ziffit but when I checked a couple they will offer a minuscule payment (24p) so I really can’t be bothered to go through the rest. Husband can check through which he wants to keep and the leftovers will go in the charity bag too.  Now that I no longer make cards to sell (I used to take them to the gym and sell them for charity) I threw out lots of bits and pieces that have been hanging around for ages, keeping only the ones I will use for my personal cards.

Sunday: Sleeping and sunshine – Maybe it was all that physical activity yesterday coupled with the fact that I didn’t get off to sleep until after 2am, but this morning necessitated a lie-in, and not a reading one (I do like to read in bed in the mornings though it happens rarely). I slept and didn’t get up until nearly 10 o’clock. The weather here in the Midlands is glorious and the forecast is that it will stay this way for several days which is very nice but the heat is rather draining. later in the afternoon I picked my grandson up and delivered him home. Husband has not been feeling too good for a few days and is off his food so I haven’t bothered cooking. I just heated up a bit of vegetable chilli from the freezer. Not the ideal things for such a warm day but  tasty nevertheless.

In a moment I shall paint my nails and watch Poldark as they dry. It’s a useful way to ensure I keep my hands unoccupied! The gym beckons in the morning and then I shall do food shopping before getting my hair blow-dried (again) and going to Slimming World – hopefully getting a small loss despite those lunches out.

The pot of lilies below has nothing to do with the post but the new blog design ideally requires a picture for the front page!



  1. I know I commented on this post, but it seems to have not gone through. Sounds like you have four wonderful days and that pot of lilies is lovely.


    • I don’t understand that, Bless. I respond to every comment (not necessarily on the same day, but never very long) and I’ve just checked…there are definitely none that I’ve not acknowledged.


  2. What a busy time you have had, and when it’s been hot, too. I hope your husband will feel really well again soon, Eloise.
    The Ascot Lunch sounded lovely, as usual. I still have one evening dress from 1973, red velvet in an Edwardian style which was popular at the time. I can’t get into it, of course, not that I’d even want to now!
    Getting rid of those text books must be difficult, but they have served their purpose, you now have your degree, think of them as stepping stones to what you achieved. I can talk – I find it hard getting rid of books that were research for articles, articles which I shall never write again, so I also need to weed my non-fiction books. And my fiction books, too, those I didn’t really enjoy, those I never finished, and so forth.
    While I enjoyed the film of The Guernsey do-dah, I felt as you did, that Lily James was a bit lightweight for the role, especially having read the book (which I really enjoyed.)
    Lovely lilies for your ‘front page’!
    Margaret P


    • Your red dress sounds divine. I love velvet and have several pieces collected over the years. I’d like to say that I can get into all of them, but I’ll confess – I can’t! Husband is definitely still not 100%. I suppose we all have lesser powers of recovery as we age. Another negative!


  3. Love your blog and admire you achievements greatly. I have been decluttering with a real focus this year as clutter fills my head space and distresses me.


  4. I find the hardest things to get rid of are those which have been given to you as a present. Often they are not at all to your taste but it feels rude and unfeeling to get rid of them. So you display them for a while, then they get put in a cupboard but still you can’t quite throw them out. I tell myself that they were given in a good way, received in a good way, but there’s nothing to say I have them keep them forever. Someone else might find them in a charity shop and be overjoyed!

    But I still have little boxes in cupboards with ornaments I don’t want…..


    • I find it hardest to get rid of things the children and grandchildren have given me. I still have a postcard which my daughter gave me age 10ish (she is now 32) and lots of cards and drawings from them all. Oh, and a few of their school reports. Be strong girl, clear those little boxes of ornaments!!


  5. A fun packed few days Eloise. I have the book of T he Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society on my kindle as my next read. I’m reading The Handmaids Tale at the moment which has taken a bit of getting into and I’ve not watched the tv series.



    • Hi Mitzi, thank you for commenting. It’s a nice read so I hope you enjoy it. I did some proof reading for a couple of students who were taking a literature module which included The Handmaids Tale and I decided that it probably wasn’t for me so I’ve not read the book or seen the TV series.


    • I fear that I have implied that I’m a hoarder. I’m not…I just have too many of everything! I’ve finally managed the emotional attachment to my uni stuff.


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