One down……………



60 rejections, now a worldwide bestseller – Katherine Stockett, The Help

“Get a  day job” – JK Rowling, Harry Potter

14 rejections – Twilight, Stephanie Mayer

“You have no business being a writer and should give up” – Zane Gray who now has some 250 million copies in print

“It is so badly written” – Dan Brown, The Da Vinci Code

25 rejections, then sells 7 million copies – Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveller’s Wife

5 rejections before winning The Man Booker prize – Yann Martel, Life of Pi

There are many, many more examples. (info from:


I KNOW it’s hard, I KNOW what a minuscule percentage of writers pick up an agent early on in their submissions (I wrote about the lengthy and difficult process of  getting a book published here My book ~ the deadline is set ), but hey, you can’t help what you feel.

I have received my first rejection.


  1. How wonderful to have written a book and how interesting to see how many well known authors suffered rejection when they began their writing career. Rejection is always tough but, as Bless commented, when you are famous I’ll be able to say that I know you through blogging!!


  2. Oh, I’m sorry, it must be so disheartening 😦 But nothing worth having comes easily so onwards and upwards x


    • Eeek! Not sure that I could I sustain the momentum of submitting 100 times! But I know that my feedback has been good so I shall keep trying.


    • It is, Jules, but fully expected. Imaging how Katharine Stockett must have felt – SIXTY rejections! And yet ‘The Help’ turned out to be a major bestseller.


  3. Oh, no, but to be expected, I suppose. I know you won’t give up, Eloise because look how far you’ve got – you have a book that you finished writing – just wow! Yes, believe in yourself and keep going – well done and good luck x


  4. To get a rejection, you had to complete a book.

    How many people never manage to finish what they start???


  5. I’m sorry. One day, when you are a published author with a million or more copies sold, you can look back on your first rejection and laugh. In the meantime, believe in yourself and keep going.


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